19 Celebrities Who Need Their Own Reality Show

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So many celebs, so little airtime. 

Can you imagine what kind of world we'd live in if sex-tape-making Courtney Stodden had her own show? Or the bizarre slant a Willow and Jaden Smith show would take?  

Think of all the celebrities that don't have a reality show, or haven't had one, and compare them to what's out there today -- namely Teen Moms and every Kardashian known to man. Surely we can do better than this, can't we? 

Check out 19 celebrities who absolutely need their own reality show -- if not for their pockets, for the masses. 

1. Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden
After marrying a man technically old enough to be her grandfather, Courtney Stodden's career has been speckled with bits of scandal, champagne, sex tapes, a pregnancy, and a miscarriage. Her flamboyant social media personality only lends credence to the idea that we absolutely need to see more of this girl, and if you need more convincing, three words: "Celebrity Big Brother."

2. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan
From her astronomical rise to fame to ... well, let's be honest: "Liz & Dick," Lindsay Lohan has all the ingredients for the makings of a hit reality television show. Between arrests and revolving door boyfriends, Lohan -- and her "eccentric" family -- could have a show that'd easily be the next "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." America's First Family? We think perhaps.

3. Willow and Jaden Smith

Willow and Jaden Smith
We could all learn quite a bit from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's kids. Namely, how to project yourself onto an entirely different astral plane, how to destroy the United States educational system tweet by tweet, and how to conceal parental marriage issues. Imagine that!

4. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen
Two words: tiger blood. Sheen's forays into the bizarre would make for blockbuster prime-time television. And if you're still hung up on "Two and a Half Men," consider this deeply and write your local state representatives or whoever -- let's make this happen.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
We'd like to see ol' Arnie on reality TV not for his former state policies, and not for "Terminator." We don't want to come with him if we want to live. We just want to see his grimy, lying ass in action, fathering as many children as possible with the help, and writing tell-all books that only make him look like a bigger tool than he already is.

6. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston
Yeah, she's married now, but betcha if there was a camera crew following her around 24/7, she'd probably struggle with SOME kind of Brad Pitt drama. She can't keep up the fa├žade of perfection forever, right? Plus, hey -- we'd probably get to see entirely too many shots of Justin Theroux's pecs. We'd know those man boobs better than our own.

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