18 Reality TV Show Families That Make Us Want to Vomit

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As previously documented, there have been plenty of reality TV show ideas that we can't believe ever existed.

Along similar lines, meanwhile, there are even more reality TV show families that actually do exist... and which make us sick to our stomach to even think about, let alone waste time watching.

Which of the following families causes you to lose your lunch the fastest? Sadly, it may be difficult to choose...

1. The Duggars

The Duggars
At this point, there's only one thing we can count on from the Duggars. Okay, two things: lots of kids. And even more scandals, including one involving the molestation of a pair of sisters by their very own brother. And then a cover-up by their parents and... these people just really need to go away.

2. The Kardashians

The Kardashians
Go ahead and make a sex tape. Feel free to brag about your bikini bodies. Pose naked all you want. But stop pretending as if you work hard and/or contribute anything to society, aside from a record amount of eye-rolling.

3. The Gosselins

The Gosselins
We have nothing against the kids. We actually feel bad for them. But Kate and Jon Gosselin went from coming across as loving parents to parents who just love attention. And their poor children suffer the consequences.

4. The Spellings/McDermotts

The Spellings/McDermotts
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have used infidelity and suicidal thoughts as themes to their multiple reality shows. Once again, we just think about the couple's poor children.

5. The Browns

The Browns
Kody Brown has four wives. Four SISTER WIVES, to be exact. We don't want to judge the lifestyles of others, but it's hard not to see this as an example of Kody taking advantage of some insecure women, for financial and sexual gain.

6. The Here Come Honey Boo Boos

The Here Come Honey Boo Boos
This family rose to fame because they youngest daughter entered into a number of child beauty pageants. What else needs to be said? Child beauty pageants are the work of the Devil.

7. The Wilkinson/Basketts

The Wilkinson/Basketts

8. The Richards

The Richards
Kim Richards clearly has a substance abuse problem. Kyle Richards clearly has no problem exploiting that problem for fame and fortune. They both suck.

9. The Giudices

The Giudices
Teresa and Joe Giudice both pleaded guilty to financial fraud. The former is in jail. The latter is headed to jail in 2016. They lack remorse and they'll sadly end up making even more money from these actions than they had prior to these actions.

10. The Grazianos

The Grazianos
The Grazianos star on Mob Wives. MOB Wives! This is a show about relatives with connections to the mafia. The MAFIA! Why are we making them famous again?!?

11. The Robertsons

The Robertsons
The Robertsons do make us laugh pretty often. But we can't get past that whole anti-gay thing. The family is fun to laugh with (laugh at?), but not to admire.

12. The Evans

The Evans
Jenelle and Barbara Evans have never met a screaming match they didn't engage in on Teen Mom. Our ears hurt just writing their names.

13. The Chrisleys

The Chrisleys
Todd Chrisley does not know best!!! He's just some really rich dude who lives in Atlanta!!!!!!!

14. Any Family That Has Appeared on My Sweet 16

Any Family That Has Appeared on My Sweet 16
No exceptions.

15. The Lohans

The Lohans
Hey, Dina Lohan and Ali Lohan starred in Living Lohan. So they count! And, as we all know, they suck.

16. The Stewarts & Hamiltons

The Stewarts & Hamiltons
This show centers on the chaotic family dynamic of Kimberly Stewart and her siblings. It's all about rich and spoiled kids of D-List celebrities. Fun times!

17. The Eastwoods

The Eastwoods
Yup, they have Clint Eastwood's wife a reality show. That was weird. She managed a band and the series may forever sully the good name of this Academy Award-winning actor.

18. The Jacksons

The Jacksons
We didn't need a reality show to know that Michael Jackson's siblings have SERIOUS issues. But we were saddled with one anyhow. Darn you, A&E!

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