15 Things You May Have Missed From Prince William & Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding

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Happy 5th royal wedding anniversary!

Looking back on the events of April 29th, 2011, we vividly remember Catherine's Alexander McQueen wedding gown (all that lace!), the Cartier Halo tiara she borrowed from the Queen (so much sparkle), and the two balcony kisses (bless you, Wills).

As with many whirlwind events, some things happen so quickly that they pass us by.

Check out the slideshow below to check out some of the royal wedding's most memorable moments you may have missed.

1. You've Got Some Lint On Your Veil, Darling

You've Got Some Lint On Your Veil, Darling
"Let me just grab it quickly."


We were too busy oogling over Will and Kate getting into their fairy tale carriage to notice this smoldering photo of Prince Harry. He's still single, ladies.

3. There Goes The Top Hat

There Goes The Top Hat
The man can be forgiven for allowing his jaunty hat to fall out of Her Majesty's Rolls-Royce. He was likely more concerned with not getting sick in front of 2 billion people.

4. Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments
Doesn't it feel like you're invading the most private moment of all time? It's just me? Nevermind...

5. Gentlemen Always Bow To Their Granny

Gentlemen Always Bow To Their Granny
Were this a less formal event, William and Harry would have first kissed Queen Elizabeth II on both cheeks, then bowed briefly from the neck. This occasion, however, called for a more ceremonial greeting.

6. Into The Abbey They Go

Into The Abbey They Go
William and Harry arrive ahead of the bride to await her arrival.

7. Married 4 LYFE

Married 4 LYFE
"Well, are you happy?" Kate allegedly asked William in the 1902 State Landau, according to a lip reader for the Daily Mail. "Yes! Yes!" William replied. "It was a beautiful service. It really was. . . It was amazing. I’m so proud you’re my wife."

8. Pardon The View, Your Majesty

Pardon The View, Your Majesty
"Ma'am, is it at all possible to consider the my local pilates studio for a royal warrant? I just checked Facebook while Kate was signing her marriage certificate, and my backside is trending."

9. Job Well Done, Carole

Job Well Done, Carole
"I deserve an estate. Or a title, at the very least."

10. For Those Of You Not Invited Inside

For Those Of You Not Invited Inside
"Here is the program, plebs."

11. The Money Shot

The Money Shot
"Be back soon for the coronation!"

12. There, There Mr. Horse

There, There Mr. Horse
"Has one been fed a bale of oats yet?"

13. Why Are We So Far From The Altar?

Why Are We So Far From The Altar?
"Honestly. The future bloody king is our first cousin and we're behind a bunch of common folk."

14. Kate Middleton's Bouquet At The Grave Of The Unknown Warrior

Kate Middleton's Bouquet At The Grave Of The Unknown Warrior
Catherine's bouquet was blaced at the grave of the unknown warrior, a tradition started in 1923 by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (when she was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon). Her Majesty left the bouquet there in memory of her brother, Fergus who was killed in the first World War. The grave, located near the west door, is the most sacred part of the Abbey. Visitors and congregants are not allowed to walk on the grave.

15. A Global Phenomenon

A Global Phenomenon
The royal wedding made a few covers...I guess.

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