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At THG, we’ve seen a lot of of cringe-worthy pics of Farrah Abraham over the years … and not just from Backdoor Teen Mom.

Seriously, this girl is one serious piece of work.

And we don’t just mean how she has work done on her frequently-changing appearance, though that is some work, to be sure.

Anyway, we thought to ourselves, let’s make a special gallery, ’cause there is something about her that must be immortalized.

From car crashes on the highway, to an athlete’s leg breaking, to Farrah Abraham (in general), we can’t look away sometimes.

Even from things that make us cringe and squirm.

So experience the glory, meshed with uniquely OMG-style oddness, that is Farrah Abraham, summed up in iconic moments.

Moments frozen in time. Ones we can never unsee.

We dare you to start scrolling. Go forth.