13 TV Shows That Wasted Our Time in 2019

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2019 brought us many great TV series, but it also brought us some turkeys. 

Some of the shows below were good at one point, but they wasted our time in a big way throughout the year. 

We never thought we'd be including This Is Us, but it is one of many once-great shows that became unwatchable throughout the year. 

Which of these shows were the absolute WORST this year?

1. This Is Us - NBC

This Is Us - NBC
This Is Us used to force us to tears because all of the storylines hit us right in the feels. But the most recent fourth season introduced too many characters, to the point it feels like a completely new series. The magic is gone, and unless there's a plan in place to bring it back, don't expect the series to end with a splash.

2. Grey's Anatomy - ABC

Grey's Anatomy - ABC
It was bound to happen eventually. Grey's Anatomy is no longer worth watching. The characters and plots have become stale, and the medical mysteries are what you'd expect from a sci-fi series. It's time for Meredith Grey to hang up her scrubs and live her life away from the dramatic walls of Grey Sloane Memorial.

3. Fear the Walking Dead - AMC

Fear the Walking Dead - AMC
While The Walking Dead staged a rare return to form, its spinoff imploded. With terrible villains, embarrassing dialog, and some beloved characters taking time out to paint trees, the show is officially the worst.

4. Riverdale - The CW

Riverdale - The CW
Aside from the heartbreaking Luke Perry tribute, Riverdale Season 4 has been a dud. The plots don't make sense, and the actors look like they're tired of working with nonsense. It's time for the show to step it up, or get out.

5. The Hills: New Beginnings - MTV

The Hills: New Beginnings - MTV
The original series fell apart when Lauren Conrad quit because she was above all the manufactured drama. Why MTV thought it was a good idea to take a stab at another Lauren Conrad-less season, we'll never know. Unfortunately, this one has been renewed.

6. 13 Reasons Why - Netflix

13 Reasons Why - Netflix
Bringing this show back for a second season was a bad idea, but bringing it back for a third was criminal. The show meandered away from the central plot so many times that it felt like we were watching a Lifetime movie.

7. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Bravo
Not even the addition of Denise Richards could make the series interesting. It was everyone vs. Lisa Vanderpump for the majority of the season. With the SUR boss quitting the series, it looks like the forthcoming tenth season will be everyone vs. Denise, and that sounds rubbish.

8. A Million Little Things - ABC

A Million Little Things - ABC
This once-hot drama traded in the intricate plotting in favor of soapy storylines in 2019, and the series is yet to recover. Characters made lame decisions in the name of creating drama, and it showed.

9. The Affair - Showtime

The Affair - Showtime
The Affair spent five seasons telling a story about how one affair affected many lives. The fifth and final season affected many, and not in the way producers expected -- it bored viewers to tears!

10. Empire - FOX

Empire - FOX
Once upon a time, Empire was the biggest show on TV. Now, many people aren't aware it is still airing new episodes.

11. Nancy Drew - CW

Nancy Drew - CW
The CW's attempt to reboot everything continued in 2019, but the most head-scratching was its take on Nancy Drew. Many elements that made the original novels a success were omitted in favor of making this version more about who the lead was sleeping with, and less about the mystery.

12. Game of Thrones - HBO

Game of Thrones - HBO
Game of Thrones could have closed out as the best TV show ever, but the rush job of a final season provided little in the way of closure, and many moments that made well over one million viewers petition for a total re-do.

13. Veronica Mars - Hulu

Veronica Mars - Hulu
Fans wanted more from Kristen Bell's sassy private investigator ... until they got it. The fourth season felt like producers flipping the bird to the audience by killing off one of the most popular characters in tacky fashion. It makes sense then that Hulu has no plans of bringing the series back again. Karma.

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