Audrey Roloff Reveals the Ultimate Holiday Baby Bump

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For Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, it was the relative calm before the very exciting storm.

These popular podcast hosts and best-selling authors celebrated Christmas with their precious toddler, Ember, along with a pending newborn son who is set to arrive any day now.

The occasion was extra special, too, because Ember just recovered from a rather serious illness.

In the following slideshow, we've shared a number of photos from Audrey's Instagram account in honor of the holidays, which includes one rather impressive snapshot of her gigantic baby bump.

Check it out below!

1. Happy Holidays from the Roloffs!

Happy Holidays from the Roloffs!

2. Cheers, Everyone!

Cheers, Everyone!
"Cheers to the 26th of December - the day of leftovers, cleaning, embracing your introverted side, and going to bed the same time as your toddler," wrote Audrey as a caption to this photo.

3. Smooches for Ember

Smooches for Ember
Ember won't have Audrey and Jeremy just to herself once her brother arrives, so her parents made a point to shower her with kisses.


Ember looks pretty psyched about this pretty awesome present, doesn't she?

5. I Love You, Minnie!

I Love You, Minnie!
It's the Minnie Mouse fun house! Come inside, Ember, it's fun inside!

6. Pajama Party!

Pajama Party!
You've gotta dress the holiday part, right? The matching holiday part, that is.

7. Reading to Her Firstborn

Reading to Her Firstborn
LOL, Ember doesn't look too into this story, does she? But Audrey is all about it!

8. Dressed Up for the Holidays

Dressed Up for the Holidays
Audrey and her little one didn't spend ALL of the holidays in their pajamas. They got all decked out at one point.

9. A Kiss for Baby Brother

A Kiss for Baby Brother
Our hearts be still! What is there to even say say about this positive precious snapshot?!?

10. Just Me and My Bump

Just Me and My Bump
Audrey will welcome child number-two in very early 2020. We're so very excited to meet him!

11. Christmas Kisses!

Christmas Kisses!
Ember gets some more holiday kisses from her loving mom is yet another adorable photo of these two.

12. Ready to Open!

Ready to Open!
We're stunned by the patience on display here by Ember. How is she not just tearing into those gifts?!?

13. An Amazing Gift

An Amazing Gift
Uhhh, what?!? Did Ember really get this for Christmas?!?!? What a lucky young lady!

14. Bumpin in a Winter Wonderland

Bumpin in a Winter Wonderland
Audrey and Jeremy really need to frame this family photo. It is absolutely ideal for Christmas, don't you think?

15. 38 Weeks and Counting

38 Weeks and Counting
What a glorious baby bump! Audrey is about 38 weeks along in this memorable picture.

16. And Then Here It Is!

And Then Here It Is!
We saved the ultimate baby bump for the end. Sorry to keep you waiting. But it was well worth said wait, wasn't it?

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