Kelly Dodd: Shannon Beador is a Lying Drunk Who Ruined My Reputation!

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The latest installment of the The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion special included so much more than Kelly's private detective accusation.

We won't see the dramatic conclusion to the Reunion until Thursday, December 26.

In the mean time, take a look at what the Housewives have said to and about each other.

This includes some damning claims that Kelly has made about Shannon and her fitness as a parent and a human being.

1. Reunions are full of drama

Reunions are full of drama
And this latest episode was absolutely no exception, as Kelly made a very serious accusation against Shannon Beador -- the member of the Tres Amigas with whom she had once been the closest.

2. The first beef?

The first beef?
Remember when Vicki called Braunwyn "boring-wind" to the dismay of both Tamra and Shannon? (Say what you will about Braunwyn, but she's not boring) Well, apparently Vicki forgot all about it, because she denied it.

3. Tamra gives an update

Tamra gives an update
She thinks that her deeply troubled adult son, Ryan, is back with his baby mama. The two have had a toxic relationship in the past, so we sincerely hope that Ryan is in a better place in terms of his mental and emotional health these days.

4. On a lighter note

On a lighter note
Tamra says that things are better with her eldest daughter, Sidney Barney, from whom she has been famously estranged. Sidney has called out her mother in the past for using her and her siblings for storylines. In deference to her wishes, Tamra did not go into detail about Sidney. Hey, she's learning!

5. Then comes the train rumor

Then comes the train rumor
Kelly has been grappling with this ridiculous rumor for most of the season. It's not even an insult, it just doesn't fit with Kelly's brand or sexual history -- she's never even had a threesome, if you can imagine. Everyone but Shannon seems to agree that the origin of that rumor was not Vicki and not Tamra, but Shannon ... even though Vicki was the one who kept hinting at it on screen and Tamra is the one who said it out loud.

6. That's not the only bit of ugly business

That's not the only bit of ugly business
Tamra had called Emily "Shrek" at one point, which is extremely awful. Tamra's only "defense" was that Kelly Dodd had already called her "Fiona." And Kelly? She said that at least she'd said that to Emily's face. Sometimes the whole cast seems rotten in their souls.

7. Speaking of Tamra ...

Speaking of Tamra ...
She did admit that she regrets telling Vicki that Kelly had told her that she'd rather attend her funeral than her tea party. Tamra explains that she brought it up because she was allegedly drunk. It may have been a tea party, but the drinks were more than just warm leaf juice and honey.

8. Then, Kelly leveled THIS accusation

She claims that Shannon hired a private investigator to snoop into her business the first season that she joined the show. Shannon replied that she doesn't have time for farcical shenanigans like that.

9. Kelly knows that she crossed a line

Kelly knows that she crossed a line
Back in April, Kelly publicly offered to be a character witness for Jim Bellino in his lawsuit against Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge. That was seen as a huge betrayal, and Kelly admits that she did it because of the leaked tape in which Tamra could be heard repeating the rumor that Kelly pushed her mom down the stairs.

10. The lawsuit itself ...

The lawsuit itself ...
Shannon and Tamra were on a podcast where they discussed Alexis Bellino's divorce and then happened to make a couple of remarks about Jim's trampoline park business. Jim claims that he lost major cash as a result and sued the ladies for $1 million.

11. The good news is that Shannon's in the clear

The good news is that Shannon's in the clear
The judge removed Shannon from the lawsuit and ordered Jim to pay her back SOME of her expenses. But Shannone explains at the Reunion that she's lost a quarter of a million dollars defending herself in the lawsuit, which amounts to four years of tuition. Shannon says that this is why she's still fuming over Kelly's threat.

12. Then comes the main feud

Then comes the main feud
Vicki claims that Kelly is playing the victim and must have concocted that DM that Jolie received herself, but Kelly shoots down that theory.

13. Vicki can't let it go

Vicki can't let it go
Vicki accuses: "Too many people, including her brother, have said, 'Kelly did cocaine.'" Kelly shoots that down, which arguably misses the point. Like ... who cares? If Kelly did a bump of coke off of her hand on the Reunion couch I'd worry about her self-preservation instincts but, beyond that, who honestly cares? Does Vicki care or does she just hate Kelly? Let's be honest.

14. Vicki won't back down

Vicki won't back down
"Do you not say, 'I'm gonna go get the big dick and be wet,' hurts her daughter?" she challenges. "A lot hurts her daughter. Jolie is hurt because of your mouth."

15. Kelly was mad, of course

Kelly was mad, of course
The interesting thing is that Kelly seems more furious than ever when Shannon tries to interject, until finally, Kelly goes off

16. She calls Shannon a "drunk"

She calls Shannon a "drunk"
The room goes silent in horror, and Kelly explains her very serious accusations.

17. Kelly brings Shannon's teenage daughters into it

Kelly brings Shannon's teenage daughters into it
"Let's talk about how your daughter called me at 3 o'clock in the morning -- and you [Tamra] know it -- [saying] you're drinking and driving and like hanging out with guys," Kelly accuses.

18. Shannon gets furious

Shannon gets furious
She says that she's tired of being accused of drinking too much -- notably, it's an accusation leveled at a lot of Real Housewives. She notes that she couldn't have lost 40 pounds if she were really the booze fiend portrayed in rumors.

19. Kelly fires back

Kelly fires back
She says that Shannon had liposuction, and when Shannon denies that, saying that she had a "body tight" instead, Kelly claims that her ex, Doctor Brian, performed the alleged "liposuction." If true, it would be wildly unprofessional of him if he told Kelly any details.

20. Then, Shannon confesses

Then, Shannon confesses
She says that she got "blackout drunk" (which, for a woman as tiny as Shannon, would probably not take much -- she's only 5-foot-5), but that it only happened about eight times. Shannon had asked one of her teen daughters to contact Kelly under the circumstances, trusting her as a friend. She admits that this was during the divorce when she was "a mess," and cordially invites Kelly to "shut the f--k up."

21. But then ...

But then ...
As furious as Kelly had been with Shannon, she said some shockingly complimentary things about Vicki.

22. Vicki got emotional

Vicki got emotional
The two women hugged it out and vowed to be kinder to each other. Of course, that didn't work when they tried it last March, so we'll just see how long this lasts.

23. But then ...

But then ...
When Braunwyn and her occassional threesomes with her husband came up, Vicki demanded yet again that nothing of the sort appear on "her" show. She doesn't mean the threesomes, she means that discussion, and more

24. Vicki hated this

Vicki hated this
Vicki was visibly and over-the-toply freaking out during Braunwyn and Tamra's harmless makeout earlier during the season, and it wasn't because they were behaving poorly in the restaurant (everyone was).

25. Vicki puts her foot down

Vicki puts her foot down
She tells Braunwyn that if she's going to kiss other women, she should "do it off camera!" The first big problem with that is that she didn't say anything about it to Tamra. The second is that Vicki, who has gotten wildly drunk and gone swimming just this season, seems to have an issue with women kissing. This is not the first time this season that fans have asked if she's homophobic.

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