The Ta-Ta Towel is Here to Soak Up All Your Boob Sweat

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All men love to stare at boobs. 

But not all women like to have boobs, partially because, let's face it: Those suckers can sweat. A LOT.

Such sweat can make for uncomfortable and awkward situations, but fear not, women around the world...

... because The Ta-Ta Towel is here!

This is a real product made specifically for your breasts and we just know you're anxious to read all about it below. Go ahead and do so now:

1. Here It Is

Here It Is
The item was created by Erin Robinson, a person with breasts who says a first date was once ruined due to an influx of boob sweat.

2. It's Versatile

It's Versatile
Made of ultra-soft rayon liner with sensitive nipples in mind, the product absorbs any breast milk that might leak out during feeding. This item isn't just about aethetics, in other words.

3. You Can Wear It in Public

You Can Wear It in Public
Heck, it covers up more than most bikini tops these days.

4. Now You Can Lounge by the Pool in Comfort!

Now You Can Lounge by the Pool in Comfort!
No one even has to know you're wearing a towel as an article of poolside clothing.

5. What's the Cost?

What's the Cost?
$45. Yes, that's a lot for a towel. But, again, this is a towel YOU CAN WEAR.

6. The Internet is Psyched

The Internet is Psyched
Especially because sizes range from C cups all the way to H cups.

7. What a Great Idea!

What a Great Idea!
Great and obvious. How did it take someone so long to come up with this?!?

8. I... Must... Have... This

I... Must... Have... This
But where do I get it? Scroll down for the answer!

9. From Of Course!

From Of Course!
Where else?!?!?!?

10. Boob Sweat Be Gone!

Boob Sweat Be Gone!
Check out these testimonials, courtesy of the official website.

11. Just in Time, Too!

Just in Time, Too!
Because big boobs are back, in case you hadn't heard.

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