13 Reasons Why Dwayne Johnson is the Sexiest Man Alive

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Dwayne Johnson has been asking for years whether or not you can smell what The Rock is cooking.

And, in 2016, People Magazine finally answered that question:

Yes, it absolutely can. And Johnson is cooking drop dead sexiness.

The wrestler-turned-actor has been named People's Sexiest Man Alive... and we can think of a few reasons why:

1. That Eyebrow

That Eyebrow
How many other people out there can say that they rose to fame as the result of a single eyebrow?!?

2. That Body

That Body
Okay, maybe not JUST the eyebrow. This body looks like it has been Photoshopped.

3. That Appetite

That Appetite
Note to men: eating a salad is not sexy.

4. That Mustache!

That Mustache!
HA! Or at least that sense of humor. Johnson is confident enough to have shared this amazing throwback photo with the world.

5. Those Puppies

Those Puppies
Are we talking about the animals in his arms or his pecs? You decide!

6. Those Thighs

Those Thighs
Holy muscles!

7. That Heart

That Heart
Johnson is meeting a family with special needs children in this photo. Yup, his heart may be his most amazing muscle of all.

8. That Suit

That Suit
The man cleans up well, doesn't he?

9. That Look

That Look
Johnson has an incredible smile (more on that below), but he also simmers when being serious.

10. These Arms

These Arms
How is it even possible to look like this?!?

11. That Smile

That Smile
Indeed. We told you it was coming!

12. That Playful Attitude

That Playful Attitude
There really aren't that many male celebrities, especially ones who earn a living as an action star, who are so willing to be a playful father on camera for their social media followers.

13. That Whole Package

That Whole Package
Yeah. It just all works.

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