Joe Biden Memes Crack Up Internet, Almost Make Donald Trump Presidency Worthwhile

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Thank you, Internet. Thank you so much.

We really needed these right now.

In the wake of Donald Trump being elected President, the spirit of millions of people around the globe has been crushed.

Their will has been broken. Their faith in all that is dear to them shattered. Their belief in the future of humanity shaken.

But now their funny bones have been cracked, as well, thanks to an endless number of Joe Biden memes in recent days.

Depicting the Vice President reacting to this historic development - possibly more accurately than you might think - these are hilarious.

Do these photos and captions make us ignore the fact that Trump has possibly hired a Nazi to help run his administration? No.

But they do make it heck of a lot easier to laugh, many times over, and make us miss Joe even before be officially retires.

1. What?!?

I'm just trying to be accommodating.

2. Rump Shaker!

Rump Shaker!
Good luck Googling yourself now, Donald!

3. Heck, Good Luck Getting on to the Internet Period!

Heck, Good Luck Getting on to the Internet Period!
Joe said what he said, Barack. Deal with it.

4. Obama Smelt It

Obama Smelt It
And Joe admits he dealt it.

5. Take THIS, Pence!

Take THIS, Pence!
And we aren't going to any kind of conversion camp!

6. Just One?

Just One?
Come on! Just one!

7. Just to Be Clear...

Just to Be Clear...
... this will happen. Accept it.

8. Biden... Attack!

Biden... Attack!
He'll never see it coming, Barack.

9. He'll Press It...

He'll Press It...
.... and never forget it.

10. You Think I Give a F-ck?

You Think I Give a F-ck?
Because I don't!

11. Seriously, Barack...

Seriously, Barack...
.... you HAVE to do this.

12. Just Hear Me Out

Just Hear Me Out
Heck, the Secret Service will probably just let us in.

13. I Said Like Heck!

I Said Like Heck!
Sometimes you just need to listen to me, Barack.

14. Netflix and Chill?

Netflix and Chill?
Not on my watch!

15. But It Will Send a Message!

But It Will Send a Message!
And it will crack us up.

16. Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished
He'll never know what hit him.

17. Okay, Fine, He Can Have Internet...

Okay, Fine, He Can Have Internet...
... BUT!

18. I'll Take That as a Yes

I'll Take That as a Yes
Now, which whoopee cushion should I use... ?

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