17 Hilarious Siri Fails

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What happens when your smart phone gets a sense of humor? 17 hilarious Siri fails happen, that's what.

1. What Web Are You Using?

What Web Are You Using?
Siri is either straight up lying, isn't searching the web particularly hard or needs to turns Safe Search off.

2. Gambling Man

Gambling Man
Say hello to Siri the Enabler!

3. Escort Service

Escort Service
Siri can find you a date when you can't find one for yourself. If by date we all mean prostitute.

4. Megas in Paris

Megas in Paris
Voice recognition software? Not infallible.

5. Murder for Hire

Murder for Hire
Siri makes a really, really good accomplice for murder, it seems. She's very helpful.

6. Not a Springsteen Fan

Not a Springsteen Fan
Siri really needs to get familiarized with the Boss.

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