33 Drunk People Who Will Make You Glad You're Not Them

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Drunk people are hilarious, awkward, and sometimes downright disgusting. Here are 33 drunk people who'll make you glad you're not them. Those hangovers are going to be brutal!

1. Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav
It's all fun and games until someone strips down to play beer pong dressed as Flavor Flav dressed as a curtain rod.

2. Red Solo cup

Red Solo cup
This is an epic red solo cup tower. Or an epic beer pong challenge round.

3. Leaning Tower of Beer Cans

Leaning Tower of Beer Cans
Beer can towers take talent. And really, really flat hat brims.

4. I See You!

I See You!
This is the best/worst prank ever to be played on a drunk person ever. A face shaved into your hair is mortifying, but think of the possibilities during that boring 8 a.m. history class!

5. Melon Head

Melon Head
Maybe your friends are forward thinkers who fashion a crash helmet out of a hollowed watermelon in order to...protect your melon.

6. Olaf? Is That You?

Olaf? Is That You?
This guy looks like what happens when Olaf and Carmen Miranda have a lovechild.

7. Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery
Pizza delivery: NAILED IT!

8. Trash Heap

Trash Heap
Your friends might channel their inner Fraggle Rock fan and turn you nito a human Trash Heap.

9. Superpowers Activate

Superpowers Activate
Climbing into this thing won't turn you into Superman. Don't do this.

10. Doggie Door

Doggie Door
This didn't go quite as well as she had planned.

11. Waterboarding

Yes, this is a man wrapped in a water hose spraying himself in the face while his buddies cheer him on. Yes.

12. Drunk Elvis

Drunk Elvis
What happens in Vegas...

13. Just Married!

Just Married!
Stays in Vegas.

14. Love In a Hopeless Place

Love In a Hopeless Place
Bros...before hos?

15. Chair Dance

Chair Dance
Sitting is hard for drunk people.

16. Bench Press This!

Bench Press This!
See? Sitting is hard! So is laying down on the bench, apparently.

17. Props!

Sitting down: NAILED IT! And he even became a photo prop for passersby!

18. Old Drunk People

Old Drunk People
Help! She's fallen (down drunk) and she can't get up!

19. The Ride Home

The Ride Home
This guy planned ahead and decided to take the subway home. Unless the subway IS his home, we're pretty sure he's not going to make it.

20. It's Showtime!

It's Showtime!
Little did the other passengers know they'd entered The Hangover meets Stripcar Surprise!

21. Street Sleeping

Street Sleeping
Neither can these girls, apparently, who thought the street was a great place to lay down and crash for the evening.

22. Cheese Pizza Pillow

Cheese Pizza Pillow
Maybe this woman got her cheese pizza pillow from the girl who failed pizza delivery. (CHEESE PIZZA PILLOW.)

23. Girl's Best Friend

Girl's Best Friend
At least this girl had the sense to curl up with the dog to stay warm while she sleeps it off in the yard.

24. Grillmaster

Don't expect to eat tonight if this guy was manning the grill. Expect a visit from the fire department.

25. Walk This Way

Walk This Way
Say it with me now: Cross WALK.

26. When Nature Calls

When Nature Calls
When nature calls, you answer her. Right where you are. Even if it means you answer her all over your own feet.

27. Urine Luck!

Urine Luck!
You made it to SOME SORT of receptacle for human waste, but peeing on your own feet is better than this.

28. Broke Down Palace

Broke Down Palace
Just how does one sleep through the collapse of such an empire anyway, huh?

29. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
This guy's going to need some Hair of the Dog AND a chiropractor.

30. Potty Time

Potty Time
Not only do girls go to the bathroom in pairs, they pass out there, too.

31. Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity
How...wha....WHY? Who looks at the top of the fridge and says "that'd be a great place to sleep it off!"?

32. A Friendly Reminder

A Friendly Reminder
This is your friendly reminder never to drink and drive. Or cycle.

33. Diners, Drive-ins, and Drunks

Diners, Drive-ins, and Drunks
This kid was in for the surprise of his life when he sobered up and realized Tom Hanks got in on the drunken-mockery magic.

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