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Kevin Martin is in it for the kids

New FCC chairman Kevin Martin hasn’t exactly been saying much more than “okie-dokie!” to the SBC-AT&T merger and lumping together complaints so he can slam down his red stamp fewer times, but with more force.

But what about those other issues facing American media? Like, say, everything else other than Janet Jackson’s nipplage? Business Week was is obviously on the same wave length, posing this:

Anti-indecency advocates want cable companies to offer their programs ???? la carte, so that consumers can pick and choose the shows they buy. Do you support this idea?

The cable industry should do something to provide parents with more tools to control what their kids watch. Cable operators could put together a package of all channels geared to families and children and sell it separately from channels not for families and children.

Yeah, it’s called basic cable: public access and home shopping networks. Kids just love draining mommy’s bank account with her not-so-stellar debit card.

The FCC’s Front Man Talks [Business Week]
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Oct 25, 2005 · Link · Repond

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