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Is it fair for a celebrity to get opportunities that the rest of the world would never have? Rapper DMX continues to find himself in trouble because of his drug addiction. This week DMX was arrested, once again for violating his probation for using, but he may not spend too much time behind bars because of his celebrity status.

His lawyer, Gary Jenkin told TMZ that there might be a chance that the rapper will slide by without going to jail. Jenkins said that reps from “Celebrity Rehab” contacted him after the arrest on Tuesday and stated their interest in having the troubled celebrity on the show.

In the past, show host Dr. Drew went to court on behalf of former American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra and saved her from serving any jail time by putting her on the reality show. Word has it they are considering sending a rep to DMX’s next court date.

DMX is currently cooling his heels on a no-bond hold and is due back in front of the judge on March 16. Our guess…he will stay behind bars. This isn’t his first, second, third or fourth arrest. It is time to get serious and hold the musician accountable for his unfortunate actions.

Mugshot photos of DMX below: