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Allow us to provide you with some rumor control. Yes Labron James is abnormally large. Yes he is 25 but clearly looks over 40. Ok, so maybe everything about King James screams steroids but couldn’t he just be freakishly big?

Of course he could. Rumors were circulating this morning that suggested Lebron had tested positive for steroids and had been suspended by the NBA. We decided to dig around and get down to the truth. What we’ve discovered is that there is not one credible source stating that the above rumors are true. Lebron has not tested positive for steroids nor has the league suspended him. He remains a Cleveland Cavalier and has only missed the past few games due to an ankle injury.

Another Lebron was not so lucky. Cleveland Indians Minor league baseball player Steven Lebron DID test positive for illegal substances and did get suspended for 50 games. He is currently associated with the team’s Dominican Summer League and the offending drug was Boldenone metabolite, a steroid favored by body builders. The name LeBron in this headline story sparked the rumor. Same name, same city= lots of room for confusion.

Let’s recap: Lebron James on steroids is nothing more than a rumor. Yes, some people are just that BIG!

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