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Where does one go from here? Each and every video that artist Lady Gaga puts out is more over the top than the last. This one is so much so that all 9 minutes of the video are action-packed.

In “Telephone”, Gaga collaborated with Beyonce — double the star power means double the excitement. This video, by the incredibly talented Lady G, is filled with sex, violence, various states of undress, and language. We’ll go out on a limb and deem it “not safe for work.”

The video features Gaga in prison, from where she gets bailed out by Beyonce. They go to a diner where, after a series of events, they kill the guests having dinner. It ends with Gaga and Beyonce escaping from the police. The video, which has already received positive reviews from critics, is a nod to Quentin Tarantino for his 2003 film “Kill Bill”.

Watch below and let us know what you think.