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Jennifer Aniston graces the cover of Entertainment Weekly for their December 12th issue. The gorgeous celebrity provided some insight into a subject that seems to get a great deal of press – the ongoing reports that she is pregnant.

She would like to have that particular subject drop off the radar and for good reason. Her biggest fear is that when she is actually pregnant for real, it will be anti climactic. “I feel like that is in my future and I’m on the verge of it in someway.”

Jen discussed her recent controversial comments that were blown out of proportion after they appeared in Vogue magazine. She contends that the magazine misrepresented her “very uncool” remark about Angelina Jolie.

She admits she was disappointed that Vogue went ‘tabloid‘ on her and used the quote on the cover – making it THE story. She said “I was bummed. But you almost expect it. Big deal. Done. Next.”

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