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Christina Applegate first appeared before the camera in a TV commercial at age 5 months. She has since been involved in many successful TV, movie and broadway projects and just keeps landing one successful venture after another.

This woman has staying power. With her gorgeous looks and talent, she has clearly developed a winning formula for success. Her first real taste of stardom was the long running hit show Married with Children – which endured for ten years. She played Kelly Bundy, the rough around the edges teen who seemed to be on the promiscuous side.

The actress has won an Emmy, a People’s Choice Award, and has received a Golden Globe nomination.

Her newest venture, Samantha Who? is about a woman who has to rediscover her life after developing amnesia. Not only is she the shows star but she is also co-producer. The actress acknowledges that the ABC sitcom has a great time slot on Monday nights follows right on the heels of the popular Dancing with the Stars.

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