Oprah Threatened to Dump Lindsay Lohan Series

oprah had come to jesus meeting with lilo

Oprah Winfrey revealed this week that she paid a visit to Lindsay Lohan not long ago to confront the recently rehabbed celebrity about the state of her chaotic life.

The OWN founder and her producer Sheri Salata decided that a face to face meeting with Lilo was necessary to find out just how serious she was about getting her life back on track.

While in the car, Oprah told her network co-president, "If I get here and Lindsay isn't serious, I will shut this thing down today."

She explained, "There was a lot of chaos going on.  So I went to have a conversation, a real conversation about that, to say to her, 'What are you doing? Let's get real here.  This is what's conflicting about it... Do you want to do it?  Because if you don't want to do it, that's OK.  We could just end it.  We don't have to do it.'"

Lohan said she did want to do it, which led to a "serious conversation" that likely spelled out Winfrey's expectations in no uncertain terms--not unlike a proverbial 'Come to Jesus' meeting.

We fully expect that the conversation could come up again in the future, and we wouldn't put it past the former talk show maven to pull the plug if Lindsay screws up even a tiny bit.

Photos:  WENN