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Boy George received a guilty verdict in a London court on Friday morning on charges of falsely imprisoning 29 year old male escort Audun Carlsen, and will be sentenced on January 16, 2009. George reportedly handcuffed Audun and beat him with a metal chain.

George admitted to the court that he handcuffed the victim, but it was only because he thought that he was tampering with his computer.

The mood was anything but joyous after the guilty verdict was announced. The judge even went as far as to make sure that George doesn’t expect a dose of celebrity justice:

“The fact that your bail is being continued does not imply that this will be dealt with by a non-custodial sentence. I don’t want any false expectations created.”

The last time that George was sentenced for breaking the law was back in 2006 where he was order to do community service and spent three days sweeping the streets.