Britney Spears Nude Photos

britney and adnan in palm desert

Britney Spears' new "friend" Adnan Ghalib must be highly disappointed in the price he got for the semi-nude photos he took of the pop star.

The agency Adnan works for, Finalpixx, reportedly received a paltry $57,000 by an Australian magazine for semi-nude pictures taken of Britney.

Finalpixx has issued a statement on their new website claiming that Britney and Adnan "ARE happily dating." They say that although Ghalib is married, he has been separated for over a year. They also claim Britney is "NOT using drugs."

According to the agency the two are enjoying a healthy, normal relationship. They deny that they have been shopping photos of Britney on Adnan's behalf.

It was reported earlier that Adnan was trying to broker a $1 million deal with Britney for nude photos.

I suppose we will have to wait and see what turns up in that Australian magazine. I'm sure this is not the last of this story. Can a sex tape be far behind?

UPDATE: Long-awaited and rumored topless picture of Britney have hit the net.  Click here to see the Britney Spears topless photos.