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Heroes star Hayden Panettiere looks all grown up in her photo shoot in the current issue of Men’s Vogue.

In the magazine the 18-year-old actress dishes about young Hollywood, rumors about her romantic life and who she wouldn’t mind being linked to romantically.

Hayden on when she intends on becoming the latest screwed-up girl in Hollywood: “Never, never. Cross our fingers. You can’t schedule rehab for me. And I don’t think you can schedule any DUIs. I think I’m going to be one of those boring girls.”

Hayden on Britney Spears: “That girl was the epitome of beauty when I was younger. And we built her up and just ripped her down, put every aspect of her life under a microscope. Probably made 90 percent of the stuff up along the way. I can’t even imagine if I had it like she does. She’s someone that I’m rooting for, and I hope she can make that comeback.”

Hayden on the craziest rumour she has ever heard about herself: “Well, now that I’m single, it’s like I’m dating every male I’m standing next to—and possibly every female.”

Hayden on rumours she is dating her Heroes castmate, Milo Ventimiglia: “No, I’m not. I love my castmates, and I adore Milo. He’s awesome, but we’re easy targets. We’re both young, and he’s one of the only people on the show not married with children.”

Hayden on celebs she wouldn’t mind being romantically linked to: “God, it could be anyone from Leo DiCaprio to Justin Timberlake—or any girl. You want to make me a lesbian? That’s totally fine with me. Um, let’s see. We could do a love affair with Angelina. We could do… Oh gosh, I love—there are so many beautiful girls. Charlize Theron. Oh, my God Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous. Jessica Alba.”

Hayden Panettiere seems to have her head on straight. I hope she can keep it that way.

View more photos from the Men’s Vogue shoot below.