Oprah Devastated


Oprah talked publicly today about the scandal that has rocked the "Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy" in Africa. She calls the situation the most devastating experience of her life.

Oprah reported that her initial reaction was to cry for the first half hour. She was sickened to the core.

The abuse allegations surfaced nearly a month ago when a parent removed her daughter from the school after learning of physical abuse. It was at that point that an investigation took place which eventually lead to the arrest of a woman who worked at the school.

Oprah did not speak of the arrested woman, indicating that an ongoing investigation prevented her from giving out specific details. The press has reported that Tiny Virginia Makopo, 27, is being charged with 13 counts of sexual misconduct against 6 young women age 13 to 15 and one 23 year old.

Oprah has met with all of the girls and has stressed the importance of coming forward to report abusive behavior. Oprah believes that the culture of the region led to most of the girls keeping silent amid the inappropriate behavior.

Oprah does not blame herself but has tightened security and vows that her school will be not only safe but a model for all other schools in the future.