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Joan Vassos has been chosen as ABC’s first Golden Bachelorette.

The 61-year-old was first introduced to viewers on the first season of The Golden Bachelor.

She became an immediate fan favorite, but she didn’t get much of an opportunity to hit it off with star Gerry Turner.

Joan Vassos meets Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor.
Joan Vassos meets Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor. (ABC)

Back In the Saddle: Joan Vassos Resumes Her Search For Love

Joan was forced to leave the show early when she received word that her daughter was experiencing health problems.

But now, with that crisis behind her, Joan is ready to take another shot at finding love.

ABC announced on Thursday that Joan has been chosen as the first senior Bachelorette, and based on the reaction from social media, fans are ecstatic about the decision.

Gerry Turner is all smiles
Gerry Turner smiles broadly here for the ABC camera. (ABC)

And no one is happier than the OG Golden Bachelor, Gerry.

Gerry Turner to Joan Vassos: You’ve Got This!

Gerry responded to the news of Joan’s new gig with some heartfelt words of congratulations.

“Dear Joan,” he wrote on Instagram. “Congratulations on being named the first ever Golden Bachelorette. You will be phenomenal as the new representative of a generation.”

“From one golden to another … Relax, breathe and enjoy,” Turner continued, adding:

Getty Turner is ready to find love on The Golden Bachelor! (Photo Credit: ABC)

“And, ABC makes History, once again!!!”

Kind words from someone who’s been there. It seems to us that Gerry just wanted to wish Joan well ahead of her new adventure.

But is it possible that he’s hoping for a second chance at winning her heart?

Gerry Turner and Teresa Nist’s Divorce Left Bachelor Nation Stunned

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announce their divorce on Good Morning America.
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announce their divorce on Good Morning America. (ABC)

As you may recall Gerry married Theresa Nist in a televised wedding after his season as Golden Bachelor.

It was a big win for a franchise that needed one. Many fans had been wondering if it was time for the show to wrap it up, as hadn’t yielded many successful relationships lately.

But the Geresa shippers were let down just three months later when Gerry and Theresa announced their divorce.

Susan Noles officiates
Former Golden Bachelor contestant Susan Noles officiated the ceremony between Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner. (ABC)

Could Gerry Show Up As One Of Joan’s Contestants?

Most of the comments on Gerry’s post were from folks who wished to join him in congratulating Joan.

But a few of his followers are convinced that GT is hoping to make a TV comeback.

“Plot twist: Gerry becomes a contestant,” one person wrote.

“Such a coincidence he got a divorce before this,” another added.

Gerry Turner promo
When he was annouced, Gerry Turner was the newest (and oldest) star of The Bachelor franchise! (Photo Credit: ABC)

“She’s also rich. He likes rich,” a third chimed in.

So is it possible that Gerry Turner will hop out of a limo and surprise Joan Vassos on her first day as Golden Bachelorette?

Seems like a bad idea, but we wouldn’t put anything past this franchise!

In the meantime, we’d like to be the latest to extend our congratulations to Joan!