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Jana Duggar returned to Instagram this week following a hiatus of more than two years.

The former reality star used to share frequent updates with her 750,000 followers.

But she stepped away from social media altogether in response to a string of scandals involving her family.

Jana Duggar talks to producers during her time on Counting On. (TLC)

Jana Duggar Returns to Instagram: What Did She Post?

Unlike most of her adult siblings, Jana is single and still lives at home with her parents.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s not living a rich and meaningful life.

Jana assists her parents with the work of raising her youngest siblings, and she’s forever taking on tasks around her family’s property.

Jana Duggar appears on one of her family's TLC reality shows.
Jana Duggar appears on one of her family’s TLC reality shows. (TLC)

Jana loves gardening, so it’s no surprise that her first Instagram post in two years was a short video of her flowers with a caption reading, “Spring beauty.”

“So beautiful … Hopefully, you will begin to share more beautiful things like this,” one fan commented, according to In Touch.

“I’ve missed your posts. You’re a very talented green thumb. Would love to see more of your garden! Would love some tutorials or tips you’d like to share this summer!!” another added.

Jana Duggar during one of her appearances on TLC.
Jana Duggar during one of her appearances on TLC. (TLC)

“It’s great to see you posting again,” a third chimed in.

Yes, commenters were quick to welcome her back, and many expressed hope that she would continue posting.

Now it looks like those fans got their wish.

Jana Honors Her Mom on Mother’s Day

Just two days after Jana’s return, she posted a Mother’s Day tribute to Michelle Duggar.

Once again, Jana was instantly flooded with “likes” and comments, some of them from her siblings.

“Aww wish I could be there today!” wrote Jinger Duggar.

Jana Duggar Courting?
Jana Duggar films a confessional segment for one of her family’s TLC reality shows. (TLC)

“She’s the best!!!” Jessa Duggar chimed in.

The Duggars have long had a complex relationship with social media.

For many years, Jim Bob and Michelle had a rule that their kids could only join Instagram once they had entered a committed relationship.

However, they’ve since eased up on that restriction.

Jason Duggar speaks to the camera during an appearance on his family's TLC reality show.
Jason Duggar speaks to the camera during an appearance on his family’s TLC reality show. (TLC)

These days, there are several single Duggars on social media. The list includes 24-year-old Jason Duggar who recently created a minor controversy when he posted a shirtless gym selfie.

Such content, of course, goes against Jim Bob and Michelle’s teachings regarding “modesty” and decorum.

As for Jana, we may never know for certain what prompted her to return to social media after so long an absence.

But we know that her hundreds of thousands of followers are happy to have he back.