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Is JoJo Siwa pregnant?

It turns out that JoJo Siwa’s edgy “bad girl” look had more significance than an April Fool’s Day twist.

The 20-year-old music sensation has been making the often-awkward transition from children’s entertainer to adult pop star.

But is she also making the leap to motherhood?

JoJo Siwa at the GLAAD Awards in March of 2024.
JoJo Siwa speaks onstage during the 35th GLAAD Media Awards – Los Angeles at The Beverly Hilton on March 14, 2024. (Photo Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for GLAAD)

Is JoJo Siwa pregnant?

To be clear, there is not currently any proof or announcement that JoJo Siwa is pregnant. In fact, it seems pretty unlikely.

But, recently, social media has been abuzz with claims that JoJo is pregnant. She has, it seems, been suggesting as much in ephemeral posts on Snapchat.

JoJo also revealed that she tattooed the names of her future children on her arm. Which is … a major move. Especially for someone nearing her 21st birthday. The thing is that JoJo has led fans down this road before.

JoJo Siwa rocking a vest in September of 2023.
JoJo Siwa attends the red carpet for Fox’s “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” at Fox Studio Lot on September 12, 2023. (Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In early 2023, JoJo Siwa pregnancy rumors erupted

JoJo was posting constant “baby bump” photos that depicted, not a pregnant tummy, but just her pushing out her abdomen to create the illusion of it.

It seems that JoJo was making fun of one or two people who’d spotted a “food baby” (that is, her abs not looking flat because she had just eaten). But her mockery ended up fanning the flames of comically real rumors.

JoJo was 19 at the time. And she had fun with it, pretending that she’d been shopping for “baby clothes” and daring people to guess if she would have a son or daughter. It was weird and cringe … but not out of place for a teenager.

JoJo shut things down herself

Ultimately, the 2023 pregnancy rumors kept mounting — despite how transparently tongue-in-cheek her posts here. And then JoJo herself addressed them directly.

Taking to TikTok, she stitched someone who was claiming that she was pregnant. (Stitching is the TikTok equivalent of quote-tweeting someone — you include their post, usually either to agree or to dunk on them)

After the video of someone suggesting that JoJo was pregnant, JoJo shared a video of herself laughing. Case closed?

Why Have JoJo Siwa pregnancy rumors returned?

In 2024, these rumors likely resurfaced because JoJo wanted them to. At least, that’s the theory.

This time, people don’t think that she was just trolling her fans for laughs. Or mocking those weirdos who see a normal human body and suspect a pregnancy.

JoJo may have been intentionally ramping up attention for herself because she has new music out.

JoJo Siwa released ‘Karma’ on Friday, April 5

“Karma” is JoJo Siwa’s single.

The music video, which you can see above, shows JoJo both rocking a familiar “edgy” look in some scenes while spending others surrounded by gorgeous dancing women.

Singers will pull out all of the stops to remind the world that they exist when new music is coming out. JoJo certainly did that in recent weeks. But was that a mistake?

JoJo may have alienated some fans in the process

On social media, some fans — and some non-fans — are feeling a bit miffed. Pregnancy pranks aren’t especially funny.

Some are also roasting her for her “edgy” look. Not to mention that some are panning the song.

Truth be told, the “edgy” look is inevitable.

JoJo Siwa in an edgy look on April 1, 2024.
JoJo Siwa attends the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California on April 01, 2024. (Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Like so many before her, JoJo Siwa is breaking out of her ‘children’s entertainer’ mold

Look at Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed” era as she stepped away from her Disney roots. Look at Rebecca Black dropping F-bombs and wearing BDSM gear.

Singers who want an adult audience have to try hard — too hard, sometimes. It’s a natural part of brand evolution.

As for the people who are panning the song … they don’t have to like it. Honestly? It’s a good song. The lyrics are silly but it’s nice to listen to.