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Wendy Williams’ ex wants her money — and to see her banking records.

In February, the Where Is Wendy Williams? docuseries introduced the world to Wendy Williams’ inner circle as she experiences struggles with her health and finances.

Amidst Wendy Williams’ diminished net worth, however, there’s someone who is demanding a piece of what’s left.

Her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, says that she owes him two years’ worth of unpaid alimony.

Wendy WIlliams on the docuseries.
Wendy Williams looks intently in the camera while cracking jokes on the February 2024 docuseries. (Image Credit: Lifetime)

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams are divorced

In April of 2019, Wendy Williams filed for divorce. The two had married in 1999.

Though she cited “irreconsilable differences” as the reason for ending their two decades of marriage, her husband had grown more brazen in his extramarital relationship. To the point where he had fathered a child with his mistress.

Williams and Hunter finalized their divorce in January of 2020.

Wendy Williams smiles.
Wendy Williams smiles during the Where Is Wendy Williams docuseries. (Image Credit: Lifetime)

According to a report by The US Sun, Kevin Hunter is now demanding payments from Wendy Williams. In his filing, Hunter claims that he’s not demanding anything more than the couple agreed to in their Marital Settlement Agreement.

Hunter says that the alimony payments abruptly ceased in 2022, when Wendy Williams received a legal guardianship.

It seems that he first tried out-of-court mediation. However, that has failed, and he is bringing the case to court.

Wendy WIlliams speaks loudly to Shawn Zanotti.
A furious Wendy Williams speaks her mind to publicist Shawn Zanotti. (Image Credit: Lifetime)

Kevin Hunter depends upon payments from Wendy Williams

“I rely on the severance pay for my living expenses,” Hunter told the court. “And having been without this income for twenty-three months has affected me greatly.”

Hunter is also asking ex-wife’s guardianship to “immediately pay all severance payments which may be due and owing at the time of this Court’s Order.”

He also wants in on Wendy’s AFTRA Retirement Plan. His goal is for Williams to sign the Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

Wendy Williams Backstage
Wendy Williams spoke to the camera backstage on her show, and accidentally referred to the wrong day of the week. We’ve all been there. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Additionally, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband is asking the court to compel her team to fork over her financial records.

Specifically, he wants bank records — current ones, and those dating back to the dissolution of their marriage.

It seems that his goal is to investigate claims that Wendy Williams is broke. Apparently, he wants proof.

Can Wendy Williams and her ex figure out which money goes where?

Obviously, Wendy Williams and her ex had a tense breakup. And money is a touchy subject in any divorce, whether a couple is rich or poor or in between.

But this case has even more complications. Williams herself has not had control of her own money for years. Not all of it, anyway.

We would like to have faith in the court system to sort this out. This whole situation is a very sad mess, and Wendy Williams is no longer who she once was.