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Tyler Baltierra has an OnlyFans, and some trolls are not having a normal one about it.

After years of tantalizing Teen Mom fans with his shirtless selfies for free, Tyler is now monetizing his sex appeal.

He’s having fun and making money. Catelynn Lowell is having a lot of fun along with him.

But critics and parent-shamers are going after him. And he’s clapping back.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in 2014.
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra attend the VH1 “Couples Therapy” With Dr. Jenn Reunion at GMT Studios on August 8, 2014. (Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1)

Tyler Baltierra is an OnlyFans creator

On February 7, Catelynn Lowell took to Twitter to share a video montage of Tyler Baltierra thirst traps.

The video was a teaser for her husband’s OnlyFans account. Many of the photos left very little to the imagination.

As Catelynn’s tweet received replies, Tyler Baltierra quote-tweeted it to fire back — while explaining what makes his OnlyFans so special.

A dark mode screenshot of Tyler Baltierra's tweet, which is quote-tweeting Catelynn Lowell's tweet.
On February 7, 2024, Tyler Baltierra boosted his wife’s tweet about his OnlyFans while clapping back at critics. (Image Credit: Twitter)

“Cate buys me what the people on OF are requesting to see lmao!” Tyler began. He is referring to different types of underwear that subscribers want to see him (barely) wearing.

“I’m not shy or shameful about my body whatsoever!” he then expressed.

“She’s having a lot of fun with it, which makes it fun for me,” Tyler affirmed.

For Tyler and Catelynn, OnlyFans is fun for them as a couple

“We’ve been having a blast doing this together tbh!” Tyler shared with fans and followers.

“It’s making well over 6 figures already & has stayed in the top 1%!” he noted.

“So everyone who chooses to hate,” Tyler concluded, “can keep on hatin & we’ll just keep on rollin I guess!”

Tyler Baltierra opens up on MTV.
Tyler Baltierra is opening up here to his wife on an episode of Teen Mom in late summer 2023. (Image Credit: MTV)

At present, Tyler’s OnlyFans account charges nearly a dollar per day — he offers $27 for 29 days for February subscribers, and some reduced rates for long-term subscriptions.

For an ordinary OnlyFans creator, this would be exorbitant. Professional sex workers who film collabs with other OnlyFans creators rather than softcore teases like Tyler’s usually charge half that amount.

However, Tyler’s MTV fame makes him a “curiosity” and he’s going to have an above-average rate of people subscribing for one month only to cancel after sating their curiosity. Maybe that justifies the sky-high subscription price.

Trolls always have something to say

One person decided to announce on Twitter that it was “so degrading” for Tyler to have an OnlyFans.

To be clear, this isn’t garden-variety trolling. It’s a clear expression of bigotry against sex work of any kind — even something as mild as Tyler’s underwear pics.

Tyler was very gracious in responding to the (frankly disgusting) sentiment with a thoughtful and polite quote-tweet.

A dark mode screenshot of Tyler Baltierra quote-tweeting someone who is shaming him for having an OnlyFans. The identity of the shamer is redacted.
After a weirdo troll condemned Tyler Baltierra for his OnlyFans account, he clapped back — showing the shamer more respect than they had shown him or deserved. (Image Credit: Twitter)

“Your opinion is totally valid from your perception,” he wrote. (Just a reminder, bigotry is never just an “opinion”)

“But I’m choosing to raise my daughters with the understanding that [bodies] are nothing to be shameful about,” he explained.

Tyler correctly affirmed: “They’re meant to be embraced & loved in all their various forms, especially through the freedom of expression!”

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell attend the 2018 VMAs.
Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018. (Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV)

When another noted that Carley’s adoptive parents (Brandon and Teresa) would not approve of Tyler’s OnlyFans, he took it in stride, too.

“As far as B [and] T go, I couldn’t please them or get their approval if I [were] damn Mother [Theresa] herself lol,” Tyler quipped. “Besides, I refuse to live my life trying to live up to anyone’s expectations besides my own!”

That is a fair policy. Tyler’s responsibilities are to his kids, himself, and his wife — not to his firstborn’s adoptive parents.