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As you have hopefully heard by now, Little People, Big World is coming back for a new season.

TLC just released an explosive trailer and everything.

But while one of the longest-running programs on all of television is set to return in just a couple weeks, the same can’t be said for at least one occasional cast member.

We now know for certain than Isabel Roloff will not appear on Season 25.

Tori Roloff and a Child
Tori Roloff cuddles up here with one of her children on Little People, Big World. (TLC)

On Tuesday, the former reality star was asked on Instagram about her status moving forward, with a following writing in as follows:

“Will you or Jacob be on this season of LPBW? We’d love to see more of you guys!”

The question was likely posed because Isabel and her husband, Jacob, have been helping out a lot of late on the family farm in Oregon.

Yes, the same family farm which is used as the setting for most Little People, Big World episodes.

Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff
Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff in season 25 of ‘Little People, Big World’ (TLC)

“Common misconception. We’re living on the farm but we won’t be on the show,” Isabel told this fan, much to the individual’s likely disappointment.

Isabel and Jacob, of course, left the series back in 2016.

We later learned that, according to Jacob Roloff, a TLC producer sexually assaulted him during the filming of the show.

“By revealing this, I may be more fully understood and my perspective on issues such as child sexual abuse, child exploitation, and the collateral costs of reality television may be received more clearly,” Roloff wrote in 2020, adding back then:

“It must finally be emphasized that all fault lies with the predator, and no fault lies with any of my family.

“I am certain that this is a positive moment for me, and another step toward a brighter future.”

Zach Roloff and his family ready for season 25 of their hit reality show. (TLC)

As for what fans can expect on Season 25?

In the aforementioned preview, we see Zach and Tori run ragged by their three young children, with the former smiling at one point and saying via confessional:

“It’s very go, go go. There’s lots of energy. It’s just not very peaceful.”

We also witness Amy clashing with ex-husband Matt over a fundraiser she wants to plan, and a fundraiser that then becomes a source of contention between the former spouses.

“I’m running the show,” Amy says at one point. “We’ll do it my way.”

Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori Roloff
Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori Roloff are featured in this TLC promotional photo. (TLC)

Matt is at the center of most tension next season, it seems.

Yes, he proposes to Caryn Chandler and the two act excited to plan their wedding.

But Matt’s kids aren’t exactly enthused because they remain bitter over the way in which their father put his farm up for sale — without including them as potential buyers.

Zach — who trashed his dad as a coward shortly after this property went on the market — tells cameras in the teaser that “the family wasn’t put first on multiple occasions [so] that ship all sailed.”

Matt Roloff sits with Caryn Chandler, opposite Zach and Tori Roloff.
Here is a split screen snapshot of Caryn Chander and Matt Roloff… and Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff. (TLC)

Later, the trailer delves into Zach’s emergency trip to the hospital.

“Any time a surgeon needs to cut you open, I never consider that minor,” Amy tells cameras of Zach’s condition while Tori adds:

“We’ve been sitting on a knife’s edge, and we just didn’t know it.”

Little People, Big World Season 25 premieres Tuesday, February 20 at 9/8c on TLC.