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It looks like Mackenzie Edwards is still in a feud with her ex … and her ex’s sentimental new gal.

Despite what rumors claim, Mackenzie is not back with Ryan Edwards. And she’ll always set people straight.

Ryan’s actual girlfriend is Amanda Conner … who is getting all mushy about him on social media.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie is shading these social media displays, and followers are eating it up.

Mackenzie Edwards on Teen Mom Reunion
Mackenzie Edwards looks on as the MTV Teen Mom reunion special gets awkward. (Image Credit: MTV)

Amanda Conner was feeling sentimental

On Instagram, Amanda shared a video to emphasize how strong her relationship with Ryan Edwards remains.

She shared a clip of Ryan driving in a truck with some very sappy lyrics playing.

It was the sort of emotional post that you’d expect from someone who’s 15 or maybe 20. But it’s fine; adults are also allowed to be a little cringe with their emotions, right?

Amanda shared that over the weekend.

A very short while later, Mackenzie shaded both her ex (feud or not, she and Ryan aren’t officially former spouses yet) and Amanda.

She took to her own Instagram Story to vaguepost … and she was not especially subtle.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards
Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards on their way to their wedding. Times have changed since then. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“Y’all check on your ex[es], this wind is blowing trash around,” Mackenzie’s Instagram Story post read.

The post was simple text, white on black. No images, and no explicit references to the subject at hand.

Mackenzie’s shady post continued: “This weather is crazy.”

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards Photo
Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards on Teen Mom: OG. These two have been through the wringer and back. (Image Credit: MTV)

Did Amanda weigh in on Mackenzie and Ryan as the exes feud?

Either Amanda did not see Mackenzie’s shade, did not interpret it as being about her, or chose to not respond.

Instead, she shared an inspirational message about how she has been clean (that is, sober) for six months “and counting.” Good for her!

While we’re not clear on why Amanda chose to share a series of her own mugshots to mark this milestone, that’s her business.

Ryan Edwards on MTV
Ryan has been accused violating his estranged wife’s restraining order. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Amanda and Ryan met in rehab, earning the title “rehab girlfriend” from many in the Teen Mom fandom.

Ryan ended up in prison last year for not following the terms of his probation. His release from prison came in late December.

Amanda’s sappy video comes just a few weeks after his release. She’s clearly head over heels for him … but not everyone in his life feels the same way.

Ryan Edwards is BACK on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter! But that’s not necessarily a good thing. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Does Amanda spell trouble for Ryan Edwards?

Apparently, Amanda has a “reputation” for trouble where she lives. It seems that she would not dispute that, given her collection of mugshots.

Right now, those closest to Ryan want him to work on himself, staying clean and well-behaved. Or close enough.

There is a real worry that Ryan spending time with a volatile person with similar struggles will set him back. But Ryan has never needed someone else’s help to get into trouble.