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As 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers saw just a few weeks ago, Kalani Faagata told Asuelu Pulaa that she wants a divorce.

That conversation took place in January. And it was a long time coming — especially since Kalani had, in her heart, already moved on.

It appears that Kalani and new man Dallas Nuez had a wonderful time last week.

Meanwhile, Asuelu shared as he video chatted with his sons, Oliver and Kennedy, for Thanksgiving.

Asuelu Pulaa smiles with his eyes closed outdoors while wearing a colorful shirt.
Asuelu Pulaa wears a vibrant shirt in this autumnal Instagram photo from 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Now that his marriage to Kalani Faagata is over, Asuelu Pulaa’s life — and holidays — looks pretty darn different.

That includes Thanksgiving. Asuelu married into an American family … but that reality has changed.

On Instagram, Asuelu wrote “Happy Thanksgiving. Good to see my boys.” The post came on Thursday, November 23 — and he included photos.

A black and white still image of Kennedy Pulaa and Oliver Pulaa.
Adorable little Kennedy Pulaa and Oliver Pulaa smiles in this black and white still from a video chat with their dad. Thanksgiving 2023 was a little different. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In this black-and-white still from Asuelu’s Instagram, we see little Kennedy and Oliver from their family video chat.

Kennedy is four years old. Oliver, their eldest son, is less than two months away from being six.

These little sweeties are smiling brightly.

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In this precious beach photo, 90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata cradles sons, Oliver and Kennedy. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

It appears that Kalani celebrated Thanksgiving with Kennedy and Oliver … and, possibly, with Dallas. At least, that’s what a number of fans speculate.

It’s possible that she spent the holiday with her parents and sister instead, and that she simply chose to not show this.

(Remember, Kalani is a public figure … but, even then, she has no obligation to showcase her life when no one is paying her)

A photo of Kalani Faagata and Dallas Nuez and Kalani's children, Oliver and Kennedy. She is using slices of emojis to censor the faces of the adults. Text teases that she may one day share unredacted photos.
In mid-November of 2023, Kalani Faagata shared this photo to her Instagram Story. It features boyfriend Dallas Nuez and both of her children, Oliver and Kennedy. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Recent reports have claimed that Asuelu moved back to Samoa. Allegedly, he did this in October.

Asuelu’s recent selfies have shown him at golf clubs, including one in Las Vegas.

It is unclear if these reports are in error, if Asuelu simply visited home, or if he is posting throwbacks. People use social media in different ways and may have complex, emotional motives for obscuring the truth.

Asuelu Pulaa speaks to the confessional camera wearing a serious expression and a marigold tropical print tee. "All my fault," the caption reads.
Asuelu Pulaa acknowledged that the downfall of his marriage is all his fault. True! (Image Credit: TLC)

We should emphasize that Asuelu is a US National. That was the case before he ever met, much less impregnated and married, Kalani.

American Samoa is one of those places — there are a few others — where residents do not require a passport or green card to travel to the US, even if they are not quite citizens.

It is possible that Asuelu became a citizen after marrying Kalani. It has been long enough. That said, if he did, neither saw fit to share that with fans.

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In this photo, Asuelu Pulaa poses with his adorable sons, Oliver and Kennedy. (Photo Credit: Instagram) (Photo Credit: Instagram)

For years, beginning even before their marriage, Asuelu cheated on Kalani. It was not the only, or the worst, way that he wronged her. But it was the focus on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

It was Asuelu’s serial cheating and subsequent offer of a “hall pass” that led to Kalani meeting Dallas Nuez. Suddenly, she experienced what enjoyable sex could be like. What a respectful partner could be like.

Asuelu could have had a happy family life. He chose not to.