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Last month, 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers learned that Asuelu has been cheating on Kalani the entire time.

He cheated on her in Samoa while she was pregnant. His cheating has continued through 2022, when he tried to hook up online.

That’s why her “hall pass” turned into something more. Kalani can barely manage to be friends with Asuelu. This new guy actually makes her happy.

As Kalani opened up to castmates about the depths of Asuelu’s cheating, she also unblocked the other guy. And she slipped away for the night.

On Episode 8 of 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kalani Faagata opened up about how her husband cheated on her all along — while she was pregnant, before he came to live with her, and as recently as trying to cheat online the year before. (TLC)

Before we get into this week’s 90 Day: The Last Resort revelations, we should delve into what they discussed last week.

With Kolini present and also a therapist, Kalani brought up Asuelu’s history of cheating.

Basically, he has been cheating on her the whole time. While she was pregnant. After they moved in together in the US. Even as recently as looking to hook up online just last year.

“Everything they say is true,” Asuelu Pulaa tearfully confesses about his years of cheating. He has spent the entire relationship betraying his wife’s trust. (TLC)

The one thing that we will say to Asuelu’s credit is that he does, at least, admit it. That’s important!

(Okay, there’s a second thing — that green shirt is one of the best shirts that I have ever seen in my life)

Asuelu said that he’s sorry that he hurt Kalani. But sorry isn’t always enough. And does regretting his actions mean that he’ll really change his ways?

“I’m sorry for hurting you,” Asuelu Pulaa tells wife Kalani Faagata as he hugs her on 90 Day: The Last Resort. But is “sorry” enough? (TLC)

“I think that our biggest problem is I just can’t forgive him,” Kalani told Liz Woods on Episode 9. That was this week’s episode.

“Everybody only knows about this one thing,” she acknowledged. “He’s cheated on me throughout our whole entire relationship.

Liz was absolutely speechless in response. Not necessarily surprised, but certainly shocked. And hurting for Kalani.

Liz Woods is speechless as she hears Kalani Faagata reveal the extent of the cheating. (TLC)

“It’s been a steady incident of cheating,” Kalani explained.

“So, it’s not like a took a ‘hall pass’ for one instance of cheating,” she then detailed. Of course, that would have been fine. Especially since Asuelu suggested it.

Kalani recalled feeling broken down “over and over and over” acknowledging that “nobody else knows that part.”

On 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 1, Episode 9, Kalani Faagata explains that her “hall pass” had ample justification. She didn’t need to explain, but we’re glad that she exposed her husband’s cheating. (TLC)

Liz marveled at Kalani’s patience and grace in the face of this series of betrayals.

She joked that she would be “planning Ed’s obituary” if he had put her through something similar.

We know that Liz is joking. In part because he has already put her through unmitigated hell, full of emotional abuse and sick mind games.

Speaking to the 90 Day: The Last Resort confessional camera, Liz Woods announces that she “would be planning Ed’s obituary” if he had betrayed her like her castmate’s husband betrayed her. (TLC)

As they spoke, Kalani revealed that she can’t trust Asuelu. He’s proven that much.

And she’s not even sure that his cheating days are behind him.

She watched him, just the night before, shiftily hide his phone, angling it away from her, while clearly deleting messages.

Pulling out her phone, Kalani Faagata mimes the suspicious manner in which her husband behaved that morning. (TLC)

Now, sometimes, people are just iffy about what’s on their phone.

But Asuelu’s behavior means that he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, Kalani’s face lit up as she spoke about her other man, Dallas. We have reported on Kalani’s boyfriend Dallas Nuez before.

Speaking to the confessional camera, Kalani Faagata explains to 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers why her husband’s shifty behavior has her on edge. (TLC)

He’s a person who reciprocates, and we don’t just mean that he’s not selfish in bed like Asuelu is.

Kalani receives clear communication and empathy from Dallas. Speaking of communication, she told Liz that she unblocked Dallas.

Liz wasn’t going to tell her what to do, but commented that Kalani’s smile when she spoke about him seemed to really say it all.

For the first time, Kalani Faagata speaks the name of her “hall pass” boyfriend. She struggles to even be friends with her husband after his many betrayals. (TLC)

Meanwhile, Asuelu had a rare moment of clarity while speaking to Jovi later during the episode.

“Asuelu, you are such a f–king idiot,” he remarked. Many people have said this aloud to their screens.

His worry is that his clownish betrayals have lost Kalani forever. And maybe they have. That would be for the best.

In this moment from 90 Day: The Last Resort, Asuelu Pulaa displays a surprising amount of self-awareness. (TLC)

And later in the episode, we see Asuelu in a bit of a panic.

He’s freaking out because Kalani isn’t there with him. She also isn’t with Kolini.

Where is Kalani? Well, she’s living her best life.

After she unblocked her hall-pass-turned-boyfriend, Kalani Faagata spent the night away from the resort on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Good for her! (TLC)

After Kalani and Dallas touched base, he flew out to see her.

He didn’t stop by the resort. Kalani left the resort for the night to spend it with him.

She tells all of this to her sister, beautiful Kolini. Kolini is no fan of Asuelu — but does advise Kalani to be honest with him.

Wise and beautiful Kolini Faagata advises: “I think you need to be honest with Asuelu.” True! (TLC)

As Kalani has said, she struggles to even be friends with Asuelu after how he has treated her.

Yes, he’s sorry now. And maybe he can change. But is it likely that he actually will?

And we have to ask … even if Asuelu truly changed, should Kalani forgive him for these years of pain? He doesn’t deserve it.