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All hope might not be lost when it comes to Robyn Brown and Kody Brown.

A few days ago, sources indicated that tension was brewing between the Sister Wives spouses, considering Kody’s trio of spiritual better halves have all left him over the past year and a half.

Christine said goodbye in November 2021… Janelle did the same about a year later… and then Meri was forced to finally admit her marriage was over this past January.

All three women appear to be happier without Kody, too.

Kody Brown has his classic sneer across his face in this Sister Wives confessional. (TLC)

Kody’s full of resentment for his exes and has been moping around and in a bad mood and blaming everyone but himself,” an insider recently told In Touch Weekly, adding:

“Robyn’s sick and tired of him complaining.”

To be clear, this may still be the case.

However, Robyn and Kody were spotted this week shopping at HomeGoods and TJ Maxx in Phoenix, according to a photo obtained by blogger Without A Crystal Ball.

The father of 17 (yes, 17!) carried several plastic bags full of merchandise in his hands, while Robyn rolled a large black suitcase throughout the store.

Robyn Brown looks quite unhappy in this photo, doesn’t she? It’s from Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

This shopping spree took place while TLC viewers are watching the Brown family’s drama play out during season 18 Sister Wives.

On these episodes, which were filmed in late 2022, Christine is on the outside looking in, having already left her relationship with Kody.

Meri is still in hers.

Janelle is on the verge of peacing out, however, while Robyn has been left to deal with the fallout of these break-ups.

It’s hard to ever feel any sympathy for Kody Brown, seen here on Sister Wives Season 18. He just doesn’t seem very nice. (TLC)

During the latest installment, for example, Robyn said the group’s Christmas celebration was “tragic” after Kody failed to work though his issues with Janelle Brown’s sons that he’s estranged from.

As a result, the family was split up during this holiday.

“It was about the kids getting together, exchanging gifts and everything, and there was a lot that happened on the text chain,” Christine said in a confessional over where things went went wrong.

“At the end of all of it, Robyn just said, ‘I’m done with this and obviously it’s an effort in futility.’”

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown remain legally married, despite the former having split from his other spouses. (TLC)

Robyn remains committed to Kody, of course, but Christine emphasized on this episode that she was SO glad she got the heck out of there.

“I saw Kody string Meri along for years,” she told a camera. “It was mean and cruel, and I saw that he would’ve done the same thing to me if I would’ve stayed.”

Added the mother of six on air:

“I don’t think Kody is gonna change.

“I think that Kody is going to constantly be running around Robyn and her life for the rest of his life, and I don’t think he has any room for Janelle in that life.”