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These days, Khloe Kardashians’ blonde bombshell looks are leaving fans stunned.

Not that this is a surprise. She’s gorgeous.

But some of Khloe’s most recent photos have been giving off a different sort of vibe. She looks like someone else, and it’s not one of her sisters.

Fans say that Khloe is twinning with Tori Spelling. And, funnily enough, this isn’t even the first time.

In mid-August 2023, Khloe Kardashian posted photos of her with blonde hair and a colorful floral dress while managing to enjoy the summer weather. (Instagram)

So, to start things off, Khloe looks absolutely gorgeous. She’s wearing this floral dress.

It’s not a casual sundress, because it contours to her body. The green is lovely, the red is so vibrant.

She’s serving Summer Fun up on a platter. But this specific look — her hair, her lipstick, and more — has fans talking.

“Tori Spelling looking amazing these days,” a Twitter user quipped on August 18 in response to photos of Khloe Kardashian. This is not the first time that fans of either have observed their overlapping senses of style. (Twitter)

When a Twitter user quipped “Tori Spelling looking amazing these days,” there was no genuine confusion.

It’s just, well, an observation that Khloe’s look resembles Tori Spelling’s in a few ways.

This is a very common way for social media users to comment on one famous person resembling another. Sometimes it’s an insult; other times, it’s an observation.

Khloe Kardashian is a woman of many looks. This blonde bombshell of summer vibe is one of them. (Instagram)

Funnily enough, this has happened before — but in reverse.

Way back in 2021, Tori Spelling was in the midst of a widely understood yet technically unconfirmed split from Dean McDermott (sound familiar?).

Back then, her fans observed that Tori was transforming into Khloe with her updated “revenge” look.

Tori Spelling Flaunts Total Makeover
Tori Spelling shared her dramatic new look, and while it’s not an exact match, she is giving people serious “Good American” founder vibes, if you catch our meaning. (Instagram)

At the time, Tori was doing something a little new with her hair and her makeup.

Some photos showed the resemblance more than others.

But, as you can see with this next example, in some cases, it was truly uncanny.

Back in the summer of 2021, Tori Spelling shared this selfie on Instagram. That’s Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi! (Instagram)

Sure, we can tell that Tori and Khloe are not the same person.

But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t do a double-take back in 2021 when we saw some of Tori’s pics.

And it’s not like it’s a couple of people with face blindness who confused the two because of their hair. Fans talked about this enough that Tori herself weighed in.

Tori Spelling with the Gold Flakes
In this photo that she shared to Instagram late in the summer of 2021, Tori Spelling is wearing gold flakes and a bold look. (Instagram)

So, a couple of years ago, Tori Spelling told The Sun that she felt “flattered” by the comparisons.

“It’s a huge compliment,” she expressed. “She’s gorgeous. I have not spoken to her.”

Tori clarified: “I do know her but I haven’t spoken to her since they started doing that.”

Khloe Kardashian was serving up sheer curves as she flaunted her gorgeous silhouette on Instagram in August of 2023. (Instagram)

“I don’t know how she feels about it but she’s awesome,” Tori affirmed. She also debunked cosmetic surgery rumors.

“I’m always like, it’s my make up artist!” she explained. “I found the right glam team.”

Anyone else kind of hoping that these two will have a photoshoot together?