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Kate Gosselin is going on the attack.

Over the past couple years, the much-maligned reality star has said next to nothing… even in the face of ex-husband Jon often trashing her in very public and candid interviews.

But then Kate’s own 19-year old son, Collin, made an appearance on a recent VICE TV documentary and accused his mother of abuse.

And Kate simply can’t keep quiet any longer.

Kate Gosselin speaks during the HGTV segment of the 2019 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena on February 12, 2019 in Pasadena, California. (Getty)

As a sad refresher, Collin was sent off in 2016 to live at Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute in Pennsylvania.

He eventually wrote a letter to his dad, pleading to be rescued from this facility… and Jon worked the legal system to heed his son’s cries.

Ever since late 2017, Collin has been residing with his father and has had no contact with his mother.

On the aforementioned documentary, Collin told cameras that Kate took her anger out on him back in the day and that she institutionalized him in order to keep him quiet about the way she treated him.

Collin Gosselin sits down here for an interview with VICE TV. (Instagram)

In response, Kate Gosselin issued a lengthy statement a few days ago on Instagram that referred to Collin as troubled and violent.

She said he has “received multiple psychiatric diagnoses over the years,” has had many “attacks/outbursts,” one of which involved a “weapon,” and:

“His brothers and sisters and I have not been directly involved in his life due to his history of unpredictable behavior and violent tendencies towards us.”

Kate concluded by stating “this is all I have to say on the matter and I will not be discussing this subject any further at this time.”

Kate Gosselin no longer speaks to son Collin. It’s very sad. (TLC)

Except, well…

Many people posted Comments on Gosselin’s Instagram post and she couldn’t resist responding to a handful of them.

“I’ve kept quiet for a LONG time but I’m tired of Collin and Jon controlling what has become my narrative— and it’s ALL false,” she wrote, for example.

“Time to take back my own story!”

Kate Gosselin of the reality TV show Kate Plus 8 visits “Extra” at The Levi’s Store Times Square on June 11, 2019 in New York City. (Getty)

Kate also countered Jon and Collin’s claims that she never visited her son at the psychiatric facility, writing that she did, indeed do so, when “approved by his treating physicians.”

When a follower asked her why she never wrote letters, or made phone calls to Collin at the facility, Kate said she absolutely was in contact with the teenager.

“I did all of those things as often as it was beneficial to do so, according to his doctors,” Kate wrote.

“Rest assured, there is so much more you’ll never know. [I] gave it all I had and more. Exactly what moms do!”

Jon Gosselin has a solid relationship with son Collin and daughter Hannah. And then no other kids of his. (Instagram)

In general, Kate strongly defended her decision to institutionalize Collin, telling one individual:

“I ask you, would you not do ANYTHING to protect your child/children from an attacker, even if the offender was someone in your own home?

“And if the offender was one of your…children would you turn your head and allow it to continue? I seriously doubt it.”


Gosselin went on to straight up slam Jon and Collin as liars.

“I do not support fiction no matter who it comes from,” she wrote, also defending the statement that called her child out in public.

“I can’t support ANY reports that are distorted and fictitious.

“That’s why I didn’t add to my statement that I support Collin’s untrue version of events.”

Collin Gosselin posted this photo on his personal Instagram page in the summer of 2023. (Instagram)

As for why she is saying anything at all in this situation?

“I just wanted to set the record straight considering I had been wrongly accused of crimes by my child,” Gosselin wrote.

“I didn’t go into what it cost my other children (in terms of my time and availability to them) bc I didn’t want to speak for them, but THAT is one of the worst parts of it all.

“It hurts and that pain never goes away!”