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When Teresa Giudice returns for The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, she may be sporting a different look.

Or maybe she’ll just look different from her most recent photos.

This week, Teresa posted pics from a very topical, timely party.

And even her most devoted Tre Stumps are saying that she looks downright unrecognizable.

In late July of 2023, Teresa Giudice wore bubblegum pink at a Barbie-oriented party. Some Instagram commenters had … questions … about her appearance. (Instagram)

Teresa Giudice attended a Barbie bash — a birthday party, specifically — this week.

She was not the only familiar face in attendance. Jennifer Aydin and Caroline Rauseo were also present.

Tre captioned her Instagram post: “Come on Barbie let’s go party.” Those are, of course, lyrics from Aqua’s smash hit.

Teresa Giudice had several firm points to make during the Season 13 Reunion of RHONJ. (Bravo)

Barbie is smashing box office records and giving audiences a beginner’s course (a lot of people need it, even in 2023) in feminism. That’s great!

But Teresa’s pink bodysuit with cutouts and accessories isn’t the main focus of commenters.

And neither is the film and brand that inspired it.

Speaking to the confessional camera, Teresa Giudice comments about how she loves how her current man dresses. (Bravo)

The replies were about Teresa and how much she did not resemble herself. And no, the Barbie-inspired outfit did not explain it.

“What in the face tune is this,” asked one commenter.

“The photoshop came out,” another quipped.

While speaking to the confessional camera, Teresa Giudice wears a purple dress with vibrant pink lining and an eye-catching cut. (Image Credit: Bravo) (Bravo)

One Instagram commenter labeled Teresa’s party pics a “Photoshop Rampage.”

“Can’t believe how photoshopped these pics are,” another wrote. “Please be real Teresa.”

Another asked: “Why can’t people age with grace? Show people how beautiful you are with no fake jobs done.”

Even as her castmates try to encourage her to extend an olive branch, Teresa Giudice doesn’t see a difference among her brother’s in-laws. (Bravo)

“Omg, Teresa enough with the FaceTune,” a commenter demanded. “You look like a cartoon character.”

That same Instagram user continued: “You’ve had a whole face transplant and look like a completely different person.”

The commenter concluded: “Why do you still need filters?”

In Teresa Giudice’s mind, she tells Luis Ruelas, her sister-in-law is essentially keeping her brother from her. (Bravo)

“How much FAKE can one pic take, ugh,” an additional commenter scathed.

A different Instagram user targeted more than just Teresa, noting: “The filters make you look like cartoon characters.”

“Filter, filter, filter, and filter,” condemned another. “Let’s get back to reality people.”

Teresa Giudice had to gently, on camera, remind her then-fiance that they were, in fact, on camera. Whoops! (Bravo)

Some of these comments are, of course, just piling on criticism of Teresa. It happens with famous people, and Teresa has given people a lot of reasons to dislike her.

But sometimes, these kinds of comments come from a place of concern.

Because the entire world knows that Teresa doesn’t look like she did in those pics. And she won’t like that on reality TV when she next appears, either. What is the reason for editing herself beyond recognition?

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