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This week, the unending RHOC drama from the Montana trip came to a close. Sort of.

Even after the ladies returned to Orange County from their “cowboy experience,” Gina Kirschenheiter needed time to recover.

Heather Dubrow had surprised her. And not in a good way.

Speaking to boyfriend Travis Mullen, Gina unpacked it all.

Gina Kirchenheiter and Travis Mullen made RHOC viewers hungry on Season 17, Episode 6 when they opened up their no-contact food delivery. Yum! (Bravo)

So, on Season 17, Episode 6, Gina Kirschenheiter and Travis Mullen were chatting on camera.

Gina explained that she was still recovering from the Montana trip.

Of particular interest was the “calculated” conversation with Heather. Gina does not always let people in, but she had previously felt very close with Heather.

Behold! This is Gina Kirschenheiter’s personal intro card for Season 17 of RHOC. (Bravo)

The topic was that Gina had becoming emotional while reliving her ex-husband’s antics, including his infidelity.

That was just part of the girls trip. A lot of people had big feelings about a lot of things.

But Gina had moved to call Travis about it and talk to him. Heather had strongly advised her against it.

Gina Kirschenheiter admits that she is still recovering from the Season 17 trip to Montana. (Bravo)

“It went from feeling, like, concern in the car before — to feeling calculated,” Gina summarized before she delved into the full story.

“I didn’t wanna call you, because Heather made me feel like I shouldn’t call you,” she told her boyfriend.

“But then Heather didn’t text me or call me or check in with me,” Gina lamented. “She didn’t even care.”

Wearing neon orange, Gina Kirschenheiter speaks to the Season 17 confessional camera. (Bravo)

Travis was quick to point out that Heather is generally a very thoughtful person.

Gina strongly agreed.

So for Heather to seemingly pull a 180 made Gina doubt their friendship.

Season 17 of RHOC featured a high volume of flashback scenes, like this one of Gina Kirschenheiter and Heather Dubrow discussing the health of their friendship. (Bravo)

That was odd because Heather had, just weeks earlier, expressed that she felt that the friendship was one-sided.

Gina and Heather do get along … normally.

But it was Gina’s turn to feel snubbed.

Over a bowl of some truly delicious-looking Asian-American cuisine, Gina Kirschenheiter tells boyfriend Travis Mullen what went down on the Montana trip. (Bravo)

“I want you to work through this Gina, because you have somebody who is with you right now, and I worry about how much longer…” Shannon Beador had told Gina during the trip.

Heather had chimed in, saying: “[How much longer] he’s gonna put up with that.”

Gina felt very hurt by Shannon and Heather’s comments. Especially Heather’s, because it took her by surprise. (Shannon’s, not so much)

Gina Kirschenheiter didn’t merely wear neon orange for her Season 17 confessional look. She matched it with eyeshadow. This is really working for her. (Bravo)

“Don’t say how long he’s gonna put up with that, Heather!” Gina cried at the time.

“Put up with what? These are my feelings, he’s gonna put up with it!” she reasoned.

“I’m a real person,” Gina continued. “Don’t say things like that. That’s hurtful.”

Over a bowl of soup, Gina Kirschenheiter discussed how her friend and castmate had discouraged her from calling during an emotional crisis. (Bravo)

Gina told the confessional camera that she felt both “surprised and hurt” that Heather didnt’ seem to have “any concern” after their talk.

“It’s like she’s making a total spectacle about my issues and my problems,” she lamented.

“And,” Gina shared, “I’m really questioning whether Heather truly is my friend or not.”

Travis Mullen knows his RHOC star girlfriend and even her castmates well enough to follow the drama pretty easily. (Bravo)

“She started talking about you and ‘how much can Travis take’ or something like that, and I got f–king pissed,” Gina recalled.

What she truly found “upsetting” about the situation was that “[Heather’s] supposed to be my friend.”

Travis noted that, just for the record, Gina is always welcome to express her emotions with him. Because, you know, he loves her.