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While last week’s episode saw Taylor Armstrong come out as bi before things broke down with Heather Dubrow, this week’s veered in another direction.

Jennifer Pedranti had said some things that worried other Housewives.

What really stole the show, however, wasn’t what she’d said. It was what her boyfriend had said.

Allegedly, he once boasted about his determination to “f–k” Tamra Judge. Wait, what?

Tamra Judge discusses a castmate’s well-being while drinking on Season 17 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. (Bravo)

After the case of Heather v Taylor died down a little, it ended up with just Tamra, Heather, and Shannon standing around and talking.

They discussed Jennifer, who had made multiple alarming comments that indicated low self-esteem.

To add to the situation, Heather noted that it was her understanding that Jennifer’s man, Ryan Boyajian, had “never” been faithful in a relationship.

In a flashback (some fans say that Season 17 of RHOC used too many of these), Jennifer Pedranti expressed a worrying low sense of self-worth. (Bravo)

As they discussed Jennifer deserving better (basically), Tamra revealed that her mutual friend, Heather Armin, had told her something unsettling about Ryan.

“She told me he [Boyajian] walked into my gym, and he pointed at me and said, ‘I’m gonna f–k her,’” Tamra dished.

Her castmates’ faces said it all. They felt appalled. And not only for Jennifer’s sake.

During Season 17, Heather Dubrow wore the cutest faux-cowgirl getup. Only one of her castmates managed to outdo her look. (Bravo)

Wait, so, what exactly happened?

This was back in Tamra and Eddie’s gym, which they closed earlier this season. And Heather did tell Ryan that Tamra was happily married to Eddie.

Undeterred, Ryan allegedly replied: “Watch me, I’m gonna f–k her.”

Shannon Beador, still in costume, looks on with concern as her castmates share what they have learned. (Bravo)

Tamra didn’t pull any punches, quipping that Ryan was simply the “town whore.”

So when, exactly, did this happen? It wasn’t while he was dating Jennifer.

But it was only two months before they began dating. And Tamra hadn’t told Jennifer.

Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow discuss the timeline of a castmate’s relationship issues. (Bravo)

Shannon pulled Tamra aside the next day. She tried to encourage her to tell Jennifer. In her mind, Jennifer deserved to know.

Meanwhile, Jennifer accused Tamra of fanning the flames of rumors about her. Totally unrelated to that conversation though. Whoops!

(During all of this, Jennifer also had a video call with Ryan … who kept his phone dark. Viewers already have theories about this)

Here, Shannon Beador reacts with visible horror upon hearing a castmate’s relationship issues. (Bravo)

That conversation led to Jennifer admitting to having had an emotional affair while married to Will Pedranti, her ex.

“I think that I have some built-up resentment,” Tamra then confessed at dinner.

She spilled the beans: “Because when Ryan walked into my gym for the very first time, he looked at me and said, ‘I’m gonna f–k her!’” There were … more tactful ways to bring this up.

Jennifer Pedranti had no idea that her castmates were discussing her with pity. She was just calling her man for a quick chat. (Bravo)

At this point, Jennifer felt confused. She asked why Tamra hadn’t said anything.

“Because it’s kind of disgusting, and my husband doesn’t know,” Tamra explained. Sometimes, we keep things private when we really shouldn’t.

Of course, Tamra wasn’t done. She claimed that she “caught” Jennifer with Ryan back when Jenn was still married.

In this scene from Season 17 of RHOC, Tamra Judge reveals the creepy comments that a certain man made about wanting to bone her. (Bravo)

In the strongest possible terms, Jennifer denied anything of the sort. What Tamra saw, she explained, was that Ryan was giving her a congratulatory gift. She’d just opened her business.

“At this point, believe it or not — it does not matter to me — I had never even held Ryan’s hand, never,” Jennifer told her castmates. She also shared that things were already “done” with Will by that point, anyway.

Tamra took Jennifer aside. “The bottom line is I’m worried … about you leaving your family for Ryan. I just don’t want him to f–king cheat on you,” she expressed.

Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador are both serving looks and giving their undivided attention to Tamra Judge in this Season 17 moment. (Bravo)

Especially because he allegedly sent a “dick pic” to mutual friend Heather Armin. This wasn’t before he was dating Jennifer — but during the relationship.

Jennifer claimed that it was an accident, that she was with him when he accidentally messaged the wrong contact. And that he was “just being funny.”

“I don’t buy what Jenn is saying,” Tamra told the camera. “I think that she’s covering for Ryan. What 45-year-old man is sending Snapchats of their dick to anybody?” A fair question. Snapchat is … not in its heyday.

In this confessional, a passionately concerned Shannon Beador believes that her castmate should probably hear what she has just heard. (Bravo)

Eventually, Tamra seemed satisfied that the dong pic incident was as Jennifer claimed. Or perhaps she was just agreeing to let them move on to another topic.

“Ryan has never been able to commit to one person, so do I judge him on the way he lived? No,” Jennifer admitted to the camera.

“Do I appreciate that he shows up in our relationship and is faithful to me? Yes,” she went on. “But is there a little bit of, ‘F–k I hope he doesn’t do that?’ Yeah, there is.”