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Charity Lawson nearly did the unthinkable on Monday night.

Prior to the weekly cocktail party, Brayden — who earned Lawson’s first impression rose two weeks ago — flat out told the other men that he did NOT see himself proposing to The Bachelorette on this year’s finale.

“The thing that’s hard for me that I’m not sure I could do is, like, getting engaged after just dating with 20 other dudes,” he said.

“I mean, I know I could for sure date her after this experience.”


This actually sounds pretty reasonable, but Aaron B. felt a need to tattle on his fellow contestant to Lawson.

“I don’t feel like I need to do this to increase my chances with you, I know our chances are strong, but I just need to tell you about Brayden,” Aaron said to Charity.

“He is not ready for an engagement. He is very unsure of you.

“He’s been very vocal around the house about just not wanting to be here, not wanting to be with someone that’s dated 20 of his friends.”


Charity responded with extreme anger to this update.

“I’m irritated times a million,” she said in a confessional. “I don’t have time to continue to deal with foolishness.”

Prior to confronting Brayden, Lawson added:

“I will do what has not been done.

“I have no problem pull this man aside. He has a f-cking rose on his chest, I will rip that sh-t off.”


When asked about his remarks, Brayden told Charity he didn’t think the other men “understand the gravity of what an engagement means.”

He continued along these lines, telling Lawson that he didn’t want to offer up any false promises.

“I can give you a connection, but that’s all at this point that I know I can give you,” he said.

Charity then ended the party early so she could think about everything.

Charity Lawson has officially been named The Bachelorette! What a great choice! (ABC)

At the rose ceremony, she gave roses to Aaron B., Caleb, Xavier, Joey, Michael, John, Sean and Tanner — and she let Brayden keep the rose he’d already been gifted.

“He is a strong connection,” Charity told the camera.

“That was hard, and I didn’t want to act tonight too prematurely on anything.”

A bit of a surprise, huh?

Will Brayden go all the way and end up with Lawson, however?

Visit our section of The Bachelorette spoilers to find out who will be the last suitor standing!


Charity Lawson Threatens to “Rip Rose” Away from Suitor on Shocking … - Unfilterednews

Tuesday 11th of July 2023

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