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On this weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, tragedy struck Sheila’s family.

David spent his first night in her family’s home. He immediately saw that it was unsafe. But no one knew just how unsafe.

They awoke to find that Sheila’s mother had died in the night.

Grieving the sudden and gruesome loss of her mother, Sheila found herself pushing David away. This is not the trip that either of them had imagined.

David tries to offer Sheila whatever comfort he can during this crisis. (TLC)

A lot of 90 Day Fiance couples have things go wrong for them early in their international trips.

But David and Sheila were a reminder that some people have real problems.

Just hours after David met Sheila’s mother, Remedios, the family awoke to find her dead. And no, she had not passed away in her sleep.

During David’s first night at Sheila’s family home, he met her mother, Remedios. (TLC)

As Sheila tearfully explained to the translator, her mother had tripped on a loose board and fallen to her death.

(Remember, her home seems to be in something of a shanty town, and her father built the house by hand. And that was before fire and a typhoon ravaged the building)

They discovered her near the stairs. This wasn’t just heartbreaking — it was traumatic.

Sheila explains to the translator how her mother passed away. Her tears are heartbreaking. (TLC)

Obviously, they are all in a state of shock.

That means Sheila, her tween son Jhonreil, and her father, Simplicio, have all been thrown for a loop. Not to mention other family friends and neighbors.

David is there. He wants to support Sheila however he can. But … even without things like the language barrier, it’s an awkward time.

Speaking to the confessional camera, David explained that he understood Sheila’s need to grieve with her family. (TLC)

It’s not just that Sheila is in mourning. There are also Filipino funerary customs to consider.

One of them? Sheila has to more or less sit vigil by her mother’s body. Other family members also help.

Then, there is the actual funeral to consider. It involves a funerary procession as they make their way to the cemetary — with erratic motorcycles driving around them.

Sheila’s father, Simplicio, stands closer to the camera while others load his late wife’s casket onto a vehicle. (TLC)

David was unfamiliar with many of these customs. You don’t generally look up funerary traditions when you’re a tourist.

All of this left him uncertain of what to do.

He wanted to do whatever is best for Sheila. But what exactly is that?

David wanted with all of his might to do whatever he could for Sheila. (TLC)

After all, it’s not like they could focus on their relationship. Sheila had her grieving process, her traditions, and the funeral.

Not to mention all of the emotions involved.

But David couldn’t exactly just chill at the hotel while the love of his life buries (well, inters) her mom. So he stayed with her as a silent support. Well, silent, even for him.

Family and friends attended Sheila’s mother’s funeral. (TLC)

It turned out that there was one more thing that David could do for Sheila at this trying time.

Sheila does not want to remain at the house where her mother died. It’s a health hazard. And, again, it’s traumatic.

So she will stay with David at his hotel. Jhonreil, her 12-year-old son, will stay with family and friends.

David explained to the camera that Sheila would be staying with him, and why. (TLC)

Sheila admitted that she found herself pushing David away, emotionally speaking, at this time. That happens sometimes.

David noticed it, too. He wants to do whatever he can for her … but sometimes, there’s nothing that a person can do.

For now, all that he can do is be there for her when she needs him.