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On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Mary’s grandparents laid down the rules for her and Brandan ahead of his arrival.

The two adults immediately broke a couple of these rules at the airport. And they were right to.

However, some previous 90 Day spoilers about Mary and Brandan had fans wondering if they broke even more rules.

Is Mary really pregnant already?


On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 5, Episode 3, Mary Rosa reconciled with Brandan De Nuccio.

Remember, she had dumped him during his flight to the Philippines. Why? Because the airline seated a woman near him.

Yes, there is a reason for which they are this season’s most-discussed couple. Of course, this season is randomly airing on Monday nights instead of its usual Sunday time slot, which has overwhelmed some viewers and is certainly harming ratings.


After Mary assured her grandparents that her (insane) fights with Brandan are “normal,” they spoke to her about his upcoming move.

They reminded her to not sleep with him.

Obviously, no one is allowed to tell her what to do with her own body. But one could view this as simply a discussion of the Catholic position on sex outside of marriage. Mary is a devout Catholic.


Then, things got weirder.

Mary’s grandfather, Dionesio, and grandmother, Lucia, told her that “before he can hug you or hold your hand,” he would need to seek their permission.

Oh, and no kissing, either. That … is not a nuanced conversation between Catholics about what their religion teaches them. That’s something else entirely.


Mary assured her grandparents that she would let Brandan know about their ludicrous expectations.

(We have, many times, discussed the difference between cultural differences — what clothing to wear, what food to eat, what languages one speaks — and moral differences. There is never an excuse to assert authority over another’s body, regardless of culture)

However, she confided to the confessional camera that she wouldn’t tell him right away. Because she wanted their first meeting to be “natural.”


Brandan and Mary hugged immediately. After years of their twisted surveillance-oriented romance, they were meeting for the first time.

They kissed. In fact, Mary had him pull down her mask.

Her brother told the camera that he basically understood. This is their special moment, after all.

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Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa got married, as this Facebook photo that his mother Angela Stiggins shared at the time illustrates. (Facebook)

Perhaps this season will show us whether Brandan and Mary decided to abstain from sex until marriage.

(Of course, not all seasons are entirely forthcoming. There was a specific season in Jordan where the couple pretended that they had never had sex to protect the man from possible familial reprisals)

However, we know that they married. Brandan’s mother, Angela Stiggins, shared the photos on Facebook at the time.

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On TikTok, someone who is apparently Brandan De Nuccio’s cousin commented to report that Mary Rosa is pregnant — and a sweet person in real life. Both claims are very believable. (TikTok)

A user going by the handle “Cubie” took to the algorithmic nightmare app, TikTok, claiming to be related.

“Angie and Brandan are my cousins and I cannot wait to see how this plays out when it comes to Mary,” they wrote.

“They are still together and they’re having a baby,” Cubie reported. “Mary is actually a very sweet person.”

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Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa of 90 Day Fiance; The Other Way Season 5 married, as this Facebook photo reveals. (Facebook)

Brandan has allegedly denied knowing Cubie.

Of course, that might be a contractual obligation. We have seen cast members hoodwink fans before.

And other social media activity shows comments back and forth between Brandan’s mother and Cubie. So there do seem to be familial ties, even if Brandan is (wisely) not confirming them.

Brandan De Nuccio is a certified hottie. But so is his (formerly) long-distance lady love. (TLC)

The only other evidence is some alleged hints by Mary regarding showing the top of her belly very briefly on livestreams.

That’s not proof. But, like Cubie’s claims, it is evidence. As is Brandan’s mom’s recent social media post about looking forward to her future grandchild (though that wouldn’t necessarily be Brandan and Mary’s, right?)

The odds are pretty good that Mary is expecting. We don’t know if she and Brandan decided to follow Catholic doctrine when it comes to conceiving. That’s their decision to make, either way.