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Compared to last year, Kanye West has been pretty quiet. That’s for the best.

It will take a long time for Ye to convince people that he’s not an antisemitic, Hitler-loving jerk. Especially after he spent so much time last year proclaiming himself as such.

Meanwhile, Kanye’s ex-wife remains one of the most famous people on the planet. And the same goes for her sisters and mother.

And they are snubbing Kanye right now like never before. All things considered, can you really blame them?

Kanye West in Thought
Kanye West appears here, presumably dreaming up new ways to be a jerk. (Getty)

Did you know that Ye had a birthday this week?

On Thursday, June 8, the rapper turned 46 years old.

The Kardashians certainly knew this. We’re sure that he was on their minds. But you wouldn’t know it from their social media.

According to Kim Kardashian, they “filmed everything” from various dramatic moments of their lives — not holding as much back from The Kardashians viewers as people imagined. (Hulu)

Kanye West is, and always will be, more than just Kim’s toxic ex-husband.

The two of them share nine-year-old North, seven-year-old Saint, five-year-old Chicago, and four-year-old Psalm.

These four children will forever link Kim and Kanye. Ye’s infamy will likely be a burden to these children for much of their lives.

Kanye West attends the Balenciaga Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 2, 2022. (Getty)

However, on Thursday, every member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan was totally silent about his birthday.

Yes, he’s an ex. But this is still unusual.

The family often treats exes like family, even scoundrels. Especially if they are linked through children. Kanye is a special case. He made himself all but untouchable.

This massive sofa dwarfs Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Khloe Kardashian on Season 3 of The Kardashians. (Hulu)

Just a couple of weeks ago, the whole family was giving a shoutout to another ex. And this one never actually married into the family.

Scott Disick celebrated his birthday on May 26.

Most of the Kardashian family congratulated him.

Kim Kardashian Gets Ice Cream with Scott Disick
In this photo, Kim Kardashian got ice cream with Scott Disick. (Instagram)

Kim shared a super sweet message, praising Scott’s qualities as a father.

Khloe (who has always had a weird, special bond) waxed nostalgic.

Kris was one of the first to give Scott a mushy shoutout. Even Kourtney marrying hasn’t dampened her love for Scott.

Kris Jenner spoke about her daughter’s then-boyfriend on Season 2 of The Kardashians, praising his lack of drama and how he gets along with the family. (Image Credit: Hulu) (Hulu)

Scott is not the only ex to get some warm birthday wishes. And he’s far from the worst.

Back in March, Tristan Thompson received his own outpouring of love.

Kris showed him love, hoping that he can find “the positive and light” after his mother’s passing. Kris shared even more posts to encourage the man who relentlessly cheated on Khloe and broke her heart.

Ye Image
Kanye West is trying to look all tough in this photo. We’re not sure if it’s working. (Getty)

But though Scott made mistakes and Tristan made bigger ones, neither of them said hurtful things about an ex during a vanity presidential campaign while sobbing on stage.

Neither of them praised Hitler.

And neither of them hired infamous Neo-Nazis as advisers or funneled money to white nationalist groups.

Speaking to the confessional camera on Season 3, a tearful Kim Kardashian vowed to protect her kids from unpleasant truths while she still can. (Hulu)

It is all that Kim can do to shield her children from the truth about their father for as long as possible.

(Honestly, it doesn’t seem likely that North is truly in the dark, no matter how restricted things are at home)

Kanye isn’t on thin ice. He broke that ice a long time ago. It has cost him, and the people who once loved him, more than he can imagine.