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We have good news and bad news about Bam Margera’s downward spiral.

The good news is, after a month in which Bam assaulted his brother, ran from police, harassed his estranged wife, went missing, and threatened suicide, the former Jackass star has finally checked into rehab.

The bad news is, Bam is still in the habit of harassing his estranged wife, Nikki Boyd.

Nikki filed for divorce back in February, alleging that Bam’s substance abuse issues had created an unsafe environment for their five-year-old son.

Bam Margera is estranged from his wife and son. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

After publicly threatening to overdose on crack, Margera was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold earlier this week.

He was briefly hospitalized, but staff had no choice but to let him go once he no longer presented an obvious threat to himself or anyone else.

Unfortunately, once he regained his freedom, Margera promptly returned to the activity that seems to take up most of his time these days — harassing the mother of his child.

Bam Margera with his estranged wife and son. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Bam has started texting since his release from the 5150 hold, but the content quickly turned abusive, calling Nikki awful names, saying she is the cause of all his problems, even saying she’s a ‘gold digger,'” Nikki’s attorney, David Glass, told TMZ this week.

Not surprisingly, a lawyer for Bam was quick to clap back, accusing Nikki of unlawfully denying Margera the right to visit his son.

“Bam continues to support her and Phoenix even though she won’t even allow a phone call or FaceTime with Phoenix,” said attorney Peter Thompson.

Bam Margera after surrendering to police following three days on the run. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“He just wants to see his son and continues to come up against a brick wall on that. Contact would go a long way in getting this resolved.”

So yeah, it sounds like Bam began “contacting” (read: harassing) Nikki as soon as his 5150 hold ended, which is obviously a deeply disturbing development.

But for once, we have some good news to report on the Bam front, as well!

Bam has checked into a rehab center owned by Lamar Odom! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

After learning of Margera’s troubles, NBA star and former addict Lama Odom offered Bam a free bed in one of the three rehab facilities he owns and operates.

Bam took Lamar up on that offer, and Odom posted the above photo to his Instagram page on Thursday!

Now, Margera has struggled with addiction throughout his adult life, and this is not his first time in rehab.

Bam Margera Photo
Bam Margera attends a film screening in New York City in 2018. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

But as recently as last week, it looked as though Margera had given up on the idea of ever getting sober.

So the fact that he has any interest at all in turning things around is wonderful news.

We wish Bam all the best as he embarks on the long, rewarding road to recovery.

Bam Margera Checks Into Lamar Odom’s Rehab Facility, Continues to Harass Estranged … - Unfilterednews

Sunday 25th of June 2023

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