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On Sunday night’s new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Tyray was still processing heartbreak.

“Carmella” does not exist. The Season 6 cast member learned that he had instead been communicating with a catfisher, a man, for four years.

Producers offered to let him hear the real person’s voice, but Tyray declined. Seemingly, he wanted to hold onto his denial for a little longer.

When Tyray was finally ready to listen … well, he wasn’t really ready. The heartbroken “teddy bear” walked away.


As Season 6, Episode 2 began to show Tyray, he was still processing getting some of the worst news of his life.

He learned that “Carmella” was entirely fictional. The person who had been messaging him for four years had used another woman’s photos.

When production contacted the catfisher (and we’ll get into why this was a true catfishing situation), they spoke to a man named Christian. Seemingly, he lives in Barbados. That was likely the only authentic thing about their relationship.


Tyray walks inside, splashing water on his face.

It looks like he’s trying to compose himself after this devastating news.

Every moment of his humiliation is now on camera. We cannot honestly say that we would hold it together even as well as he did.


What really hurts, Tyray said as he processed all of this, is how he doesn’t usually open himself up like he did.

He and “Carmella” had a “pretty deep” relationship. They developed a deep rapport.

Tyray poured out his heart … and this is what he got for his trouble.


After the season premiere, many viewers were wondering about “Carmella’s” motive. Was it personal? Financial? Some sort of accident that spun out of control?

Tyray was absolutely sending money. In 2019, “Carmella” asked for money and he declined. She ignored him for a while. When she asked again in March of 2020, Tyray sent her something.

Since then, he has continued to send money. These aren’t large sums — $50 to $100 a month. But he thought that he was sending money to the love of his life.


Later that day, well into the night, production caught up with Tyray again.

By this point, he had sent messages (there is no telling how many) to “My Love,” attempting to confront his catfisher.

He had not heard back.


Tyray likened the experience to “messaging a ghost.”

It’s not just that he wasn’t getting any replies.

His messages remained unopened altogether. It is likely that the “Carmella” Snapchat was simply no longer in use.


Tyray still flipped through photos of his erstwhile love on his phone.

This is when the denial became more and more apparent.

He confessed that some part of him was still holding onto hope.


Despite the evidence (and common sense), Tyray was imagining scenarios in which Carmella was still real. For example, what if someone else had gotten her phone?

Producers had spoken to Christian, the man behind the curtain, however. They even offered Tyray a recording of that conversation.

Tyray declined. He wanted to go to bed and wake up and wonder if the whole day had been a dream. A very bad dream.


Tyray met up with two of his siblings, Ronald and Lashanti.

They were surprised — and couldn’t guess what he was going to tell them.

Apparently, Tyray is notoriously private about his life, and never tells them (or anyone) what’s going on.


“Ty-Ty” opened up to his brother and sister about his erstwhile relationship.

To say that they felt astonishment when hearing about his four-year relationship? That’s an understatement.

And they seemed to pick up on the weirdness of it when Tyray admitted that it all took place on Snapchat.


Lashanti had thought that Tyray was asexual. Many people on the ace spectrum (like other members of the LGBTQ+ community) are not out to their families.

In some cases, they just don’t want to have the conversation with loved ones who might not understand.

It’s probably best to not assume what someone else’s sexuality is. Especially when, in this case, you’re wrong.


It turns out that, the year before filming this, Tyray took a trip to Barbados. It wasn’t a long vacation, only spanning five days.

In fact, he only had a two-day window in which to meet up with Carmella.

Obviously, that never happened.


Carmella knew that Tyray was coming. He even asked when making plans about his stay.

Somehow, this ghosting experience in Barbados did not end up being the end of their relationship.

Denial is a powerful thing. Especially when you are desperately in love.


Tyray then told his brother and sister what producers had told him. Carmilla was never real. A man had been catfishing him.

Production had offered him a voice recording of the catfish. He had declined.

But Lashanti, feeling sickened that someone would lie to her brother for so long and break his heart, had some advice. “I think you should hear it,” she counseled him. Why? Because he clearly needs this if he’s going to snap out of denial and move on.


A producer brought over a phone to play the audio file of “Carmella.”

This was a conversation when a producer first reached out to the catfisher.

As the audio began to play, Tyray could hear what sounded like a man, likely from Barbados judging by his accent.


It was all too much for Tyray.

He got up from the table and walked away after only hearing a few words.

His sister followed after him to offer emotional support.


Tyray is heartbroken and feels humiliated.

We hope that this season will give him the closure that he needs.

On the one hand, maybe it would be best if he stopped filming right there. But considering that he went to Barbados and still didn’t break things off … maybe this season is what he needs. Maybe this is the only way for him to end things for good.