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Amy Slaton could really use a break these days.

But a certain section of the Internet doesn’t want to give her one, apparently.

The 1000-Lb Sisters star is going through a somewhat ugly split from her husband of four years, at the heart of which are sons Gage, 2, and Glenn, 11 months.

Last we heard, Amy and estranged husband Michael had at least agreed to settle their ongoing custody dispute outside of a courtroom.

Looking great, Amy Slaton! You’ve come so very far. (Instagram)

For her part, Amy has said next to nothing about the impending divorce on social media.

But she did share what she likely believed to have been an innocent, cute videos of her kids this week… as Glenn and Gage danced around in front of the television while they learned their alphabet through a phonetic song.

Gage was seen singing along to the tune, while little Glenn reached up to grab the screen.

Adorable, right?!?

Nope. Not to some of the reality TV personality’s 547,000 followers. They discovered a cause to be concerned upon checking out this footage.


“I dnt care what people say that is nasty!! The little one has to crawl on a dirty floor and u think it’s ok,? I dnt think so!!” one person, who seemingly hates certain letters, wrote as a comment to the video.

Another added: “My gosh wash their feet.”

And a third agreed as follows:

“Why is that babies feet so dirty??? They are black on bottom of his tiny feet.”


Is there? Really?!? Do the kids look anything but happy and content in the two images posted above?

Thankfully, a bunch of users leaped to Amy’s defense after reading some of these negative remarks.

“These people commenting about their feet obviously don’t have kids that live in the country where they play outside a lot and get dirty feet!” wrote one individual, prompting another to chime in with:

“Man the mom police are strong here. Their feet could be dirty from playing outside.. it’s kinda summer lol. Miserable tricks like y’all are the reason people hate social media. Worry about your own kids feet.”

Amy Slaton likely posted this glamorous selfie on social media for a reason: to taunt her ex-husband! (Instagram)

Amy and Michael, for their part, got into a heated exchange on February 24.

In an official report filed by the police after they responded to a 911 call, Amy said Michael grew violent at one point, throwing things in front of Gage and Glenn.

A few weeks later, Michael filed for divorce.

While they debate the specifics of their custody arrangement, Amy cares for the kids during the week at the moment; while Michael has them on the weekends.

Remember these happier times??? Amy and her husband Michael are no longer a couple. (Instagram)

We can’t say for certain where things are going from here.

But TLC cameras are rolling.

We can expect to see a lot more and learn a lot more about this break-up on the back half of 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4, which we think will air later this year.