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We have an update on Josh Duggar.

First, according to official records from the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Seagoville in Texas where the proven pedophile now resides, Duggar is scheduled to be released from jail on October 10, 2032.

As you may recall, he was originally set to be freed on August 12 of that same year.

However, the former reality TV star’s release date was then pushed back to October 1 because he was caught with a cell phone behind bars.

Josh Duggar smiles in one of his many, many mug shots. (Arkansas PD)

The aforementioned extension and subsequent addendum come after Duggar was moved to the facility’s Special Housing Unit (SHU) for allegedly possessing this device while continuing to serve his 12.5-year sentence.

The conditions of FCI Seagoville’s solitary confinement area are notoriously “bad,” per multiple reports.

Duggar is reportedly back in general population following a miserable time all by himself.

The father of seven, of course, was found guilty on one count of receiving child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography in December 2021.

(A judge later dropped the latter charge at the TLC persoanlity’s May 2022 sentencing.)

big josh
Josh Duggar won’t be taking any selfies for a very, very long time. (Instagram)

Elsewhere, meanwhile…

Duggar owes $50,100 in restitution in connection to his 2021 conviction, a sum he was obligated to pay when he was sentenced last year.

According to The Sun, this amount remains unpaid… as no release of lien has been filed with the Washington County Clerk’s Office in Arkansas despite a judge having decreed that it must be paid “immediately.”

The lien reads as follows:

“If payment becomes past due, penalties totaling up to 25 percent of the principal amount past due may arise.”

Josh Duggar is the Worst
Josh Duggar and his legal team have filed an appeal requesting a new trial. The odds, of course, are against them. (Instagram)

We can’t say for certain whether Josh is simply refusing to pay this money — or if he literally cannot do so.

Duggar formally owned a used car lot, Wholesale Motorcars, which is where he downloaded explicit images and videos on his HP computer.

The business was shut down after police raided the used car lot in November 2019.

As far as we know, Duggar hasn’t held a job since and it seems very plausible that he’s broke.

Josh Duggar Looks Happy

As for where things stand between Josh and his wife, Anna?

Sources have said in the past that the latter is “constantly praying” about her the days/weeks/months/years ahead and what to do.

Anna is still very much questioning their future,” an insider previously told In Touch Weekly.

“She took her wedding vows seriously and she wants to stand by her man and all that, but the reality of her situation is very difficult.

“Divorce is not something she wants, but she’d be lying if she said she hasn’t questioned her future with Josh.

“Anna married Josh for better or worse and it can’t get any worse than this.”