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As you watched the Love in Paradise Season 3 trailer, you know that a very familiar face is joining the series.

Fans are not big fans of Pedro’s mom, Lidia. But Scott, her American boyfriend, sure seems to be.

In this sneak peek video, the two are on their first date.

Scott makes a major blunder … and it looks like their translator (literally just someone who happened to be bilingual and nearby) is getting an unfair amount of blame.

Lidia Morel, the mother of Pedro Jimeno, lives in the Dominican Republic. In this clip, which you can see below, she’s out on a date with Scott.

Scott, who is from the US, speaks English. Lidia speaks Spanish.

Their language barrier is a real, well, barrier. And Scott’s translation app is not working.

Just as a refresher, Lidia has not had an actual relationship since Pedro and Nicole’s father.

(Who, as viewers may recall, was a cheater and a deadbeat dad. Also, that was decades ago)

51-year-old Scott is a bodybuilder and a respiratory therapist. The two connected online … where translating each other’s words was so much easier.

Scott comes up with a solution that would not occur to … the vast majority of people on the planet. Not to us, and not to Lidia.

He just stands up in the bar and asks if anyone speaks English.

There’s a whole joke in one of the Indiana Jones films about a bewildered academic doing something similar.

Of course, Lidia does not speak English at all. This isn’t one of those couples that just needs translations for complex stuff or rare vocabulary.

For these two, when Scott stands up to ask if anyone speaks English and can translate, she only catches one word.

“English” is the word. If not for that, Lidia would have been totally in the dark.

The “translator” who then steps forward is not a professional.

He’s just a very handsome guy who happens to be bilingual and who happened to be in that bar that day.

This is such a random move on Scott’s part. And, like most of us, Lidia finds it a little “crazy.”

As soon as Scott has roped this bystander into becoming a translator, he doesn’t screw around. He starts with a very serious question.

Does Lidia ever want to get married again?

Lidia coyly replies with a simple “Could be.”

Lidia doesn’t try to do small talk, either, asking Scott — through this man — when the last time that Scott had sex with a woman.

Scott shares that it was 5 months ago. Then he clarifies that the last time that he was in love was two years ago.

Then, Scott tells Lidia that he would like to fall in love again, joking with her that “we can start with tonight.”

Lidia responds to that with an awkward laugh. Unfortunately, this only encourages Scott.

He tells the cameras that his response to awkward moments is to just go for it, admitting that he “gets silly.”

So Scott doubles down on his sense of humor, asking (as a joke) how Lidia feels about him being polygamous and having three other wives.

But jokes do not always translate. So, when the translator (again, not a professional) relays the question, it doesn’t sound like a joke to Lidia.

Her response is simply shock.

Lidia tells cameras that Scott had told her that he had one wife before. This, to her, seemed to be a stunning revelation.

In one of those rare moments where production openly helps, a producer then explains to Lidia that Scott is making a joke.

Lidia’s response? She’s not enjoying his particular brand of humor.

“I honestly don’t get it,” she then says. Oof, tough crowd. Maybe their dates can only get better from here?