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Even though Savannah Chrisley is now a full-time caregiver to her siblings with her parents in prison, she also has a podcast.

Obviously, not every episode is going to be about her awful dad’s hair turning gray or how Savannah herself can’t behave on a plane.

Several years ago, the Chrisley Knows Best star went on a date with Colton Underwood. This was long before he became the titular lead on The Bachelor.

According to Savannah, she knew, even at the time, that he was gay.

Savannah Chrisley talks here about her parents during an appearance on a podcast.

In 2017, Savannah Chrisley went on an ACM Awards date with Colton Underwood.

At the time, people best knew him as a ridiculously attractive athlete, not for any of his over-the-top meme-worthy shenanigans on The Bachelor.

Savannah is something of a hottie herself. At the time, the date between the two of them made perfect sense.

Colton Underwood Showers
The Bachelor star Colton Underwood admits that the promo scenes of him showering take all day to film. Hey, it paid off.

This week, Savannah spoke about that dating experience on her Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley podcast.

And she was not alone.

Colton himself was her guest. Now out and proud as a gay man and happily engaged, he too thought back upon that date.

Savannah Chrisley Preaches Self-Love
Savannah might be a reality star … arguably just the daughter of a reality star … but she has some wisdom when it comes to loving yourself.

“When we met the first time, I knew you were gay,” Savannah confessed to him. “Like, I knew it.”

By the way, she titled Tuesday’s episode “My Gay Ex-Lover.”

They both admitted that they truly had “no connection … whatsoever” during their date.

Colton Underwood Works Out Shirtless
Colton Underwood shared this thirst trap of a photo to Instagram, featuring his chiseled physique under a sheet of sweat and a dusting of chest hair.

Colton half-joked that this was “for obvious reasons.” Well, yeah.

“When I say, ‘It’s not you, it’s me,’ I truly mean that,” he then added.

“And obviously,” Colton pointed out, “I’ve proven that at this point.”

Colton Underwood, Fiance
Colton Underwood could not be happier. He’s pictured here with his fiance, Jordan C. Brown.

“I remember looking at [my friend] Emily, and I was like, ‘He’s totally gay,’” Savannah recalled.

According to her, her friend disagreed: “She was like, ‘No, he’s not, Savannah.’”

Savannah confessed that she told Colton at the time that she was “really not feeling well” and was going back to her room. But actually? She went to go hang with friends” and another guy.

For most of us, wearing messier-than-usual hair and sunglasses would mean that we were nursing a hangover. For Savannah, she’s just stylish. Probably.

Colton was quick to emphasize that this did not “offend” him.

He added that he “would have done the same” in her shoes, no question.

Four years after that date that went nowhere, Colton came out as gay to the public on Good Morning America.

Colton Underwood: I Was Suicidal Before Coming Out as Gay
In 2021, Colton Underwood publicly came out as gay.

According to Savannah, when he did, she sent that interview to her friend.

She of course included a message: “I told you so.”

Given the rumors that have followed her father since he first appeared on television, you might wonder if she’d be slower to guess someone’s sexuality. But hey, she was right about Colton.