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When Jinger Duggar relocated to Los Angeles, she seemed more than happy to be putting a few hundred miles between herself and her dysfunctional family.

But just because she wants nothing to do with her parents or her predatory older brother, that doesn’t mean Jinger wants to cut ties with the entire Duggar clan.

She still makes regular trips home to hang out with her sisters, and for the most part, the vacays seem to be enjoyed by all.

But there was a moment of tension during Jinger’s latest visit to Arkansas, and to the delight of fans, it was captured on video.

Joy-Anna Duggar expressed some annoyance with Jeremy Vuolo in her latest YouTube video. (Photo via YouTube)

Joy-Anna Duggar is currently pregnant with her third child, but she’s still creating content on a regular basis.

Over the weekend, she uploaded a video in which Jinger and Jeremy paid her a visit with their two daughters in tow.

At one point, Joy remarked that she and Jinger have been staying up past midnight, but also waking up with the kids around 6 am.

Joy-Anna Duggar is front and center for this selfie, which she posted to Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

“Yeah, do the math. We haven’t gotten enough sleep,” Joy remarked at one point.

Clearly, Joy was already on edge when Jeremy asked if he could use her footage in his own vlog post.

“No, I will not give you my vlog footage, Jeremy!” Joy barked at her brother-in-law, as first reported by UK tabloid The Sun.

You can check out the surprising footage for yourself below.

“You can just be more diligent and film for your own vlog,” Joy continued, before encouraging Jeremy to “put the work in.”

“There you go!” she joked when he lifted his phone and finally did some filming of his own.

“It’s been a long night,” Joy quipped to the camera by way of explanation.

Jeremy Vuolo got put in his place on camera. (Photo via YouTube)

Commenters made a big deal of the unexpectedly edgy moment from Joy, but it seems like she was at least partially joking.

After all, Jinger might not get along terribly well with her parents, but she remains extremely well-liked among her siblings.

Joy might have enjoyed gently roasting her brother-in-law, but clearly there’s real mutual affection there.

Joy-Anna Duggar is doing whatever she wants on Instagram these days. (Photo via Instagram)

As you’re probably aware, Jinger recently published a memoir that reportedly created some tension within her family.

But while she was sometimes critical of her parents, Jinger had nothing but good things to say about her siblings.

Soon, Joy will welcome her third child, and we’re sure Jinger and Jeremy will make another trek home for the occasion.

Jinger Duggar spoke on The Blaze’s show, Relatable, about her childhood and family. And yes, husband Jeremy Vuolo came up. (Image Credit: Facebook)

And hopefully, Joy will get another opportunity to roast Jeremy on camera.

This could be the start of a new Duggar tradition!