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It’s no secret that Amber Portwood has struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues throughout her adult life.

Many of these struggles were documented on the various Teen Mom shows that Amber has starred in over the years.

These days, of course, it looks as though Amber’s time on MTV has come to a close.

It’s not clear if Portwood has quit Teen Mom or gotten fired, but she’s repeatedly hinted that she’s moved on from the reality TV portion of her life.

Amber Portwood stares into the camera for this look at the long-time MTV personality. (Photo via Instagram)

So fans will have to get their Amber updates from her social media pages going forward.

And it seems they’re not happy with the latest Snapchat post from the troubled mother of two.

Amber shared a close-up selfie in which she’s sporting a summery dress and a shy smile.

Some fans think Amber Portwood has fallen back into drug use. (Photo via Snapchat)

But it was her eyes that really caught the attention of fans — and not necessarily in good way.

On Reddit, commenters were quick to remark that Amber’s pupils appear to be dilated in the pic.

When one user remarked that the look is not “normal,” several others pointed out that dilated pupils can be a sign of drug use.

Amber Portwood stares into the camera for this photo, which she posted to Instagram.

“Her pupils look like my cats’ pupils when they’re about to pounce on a toy,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Others noted that Amber’s pupils might have been dilated for non-drug-related reasons.

“So to be fair my pupils do this. Apparently it does it when I talk about things I’m passionate about and it freaks people out,” one Reddit user wrote.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom Photo
Amber Portwood is trying to get her life back together. That’s what she claims each week on Teen Mom at least. (Photo via MTV)

Other fans were concerned for reasons that had nothing to do with Amber’s pupils.

“You almost always look so sad,” one commentet wrote.

“I hope you’re doing okay Amber,” another added.

Amber Portwood The OG
This is a photo of Amber Portwood from an installment of Teen Mom OG that aired in the fall of the year 2021. (Photo via MTV)

Sadly, Amber has quite a bit to feel sad about these days.

Her ex Andrew Glennon has been awarded custody of their son James, and the boy now lives with his father in California.

Amber visits from Indiana when she’s able, but the distance is clearly taking a toll on her psyche.

Amber Portwood: Leah Didn't Buy My Sob Story! It's Gary's Job to Fix This!
Amber Portwood is having a tough time these days. (Photo via MTV)

That doesn’t mean, of course, that Amber has fallen back into drug use.

But given the circumstances of Portwood’s life these days, it’s not surprising that her fans would be on high-alert at all times.

Here’s hoping that Amber has managed to remain on a healthy path for her kids’ sake, as well as her own.